​​​​​​​De-escalation… mutual bombardment, clashes between mercenaries, government forces

On Sunday dawn, the De-escalation zones have witnessed mutual clashes and shelling between Syrian regime and mercenaries supported by Turkey in the countryside of Hama and Aleppo.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that the government forces shelled at dawn today, areas of Aa-Anqawi, Qalidin, and al-Kahera in Sahel al-Ghab, northwest of Hama, Fleifel, al-Barah, and Kansafra in the southern countryside of Idlib, with missiles, while Russian drones hover over the sky of the city of Idlib and its southern countryside.

Meanwhile, Turkish-backed mercenaries attacked positions of the government forces in the axis of al-Tanjra in al-Ghab Plain, and as a result, violent clashes took place between the two parties that led to deaths and injuries between them, as confirmed by the Syrian Observatory.

The so-called "De-escalation" zones are also witnessing shelling and ongoing clashes between government and mercenary forces supported by Turkey, despite the ceasefire agreement announced by Russia and Turkey on March 5 this year.



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