DCA of al-Tabqa called on international community to stop Turkish agressions in Afrin

The Democratic Civil Administration (DCA) of al-Raqqa called on the international community to consider what the Turkish state is doing against the land of Afrin, stressing that it will not allow the reproduction of what took place in Iskenderun area on olive land today, during a statement in the sit-in tent organized by the youth of al-Tabqa in protest against the building of fascism Ottoman occupation wall.

Dozens of members of al-Tabqa Youth Council and the Union of Young Women continue their sit-in, which entered its fourth day in protest against the racist practices committed by the Turkish state in the occupied Afrin, the latest of which was the beginning of building a racist occupation wall in an attempt to separate that land and annex it to its borders.

The Democratic Civil Administration issued a statement condemning the process of Ottoman colonization initiated by the Turkish state in the construction of the wall of racial division, in which it tries to loot the land of Afrin, repeating the scenario of annexing the Iskenderun area from Syrian territory.

The statement said, "The attempt to separate this Syrian land is a failed attempt to be recorded by history in the face of the Erdogan fascism, and the will of the people of northern and eastern Syria will stop this racist wall."

The statement stressed that the will and determination of the peoples of the region to liberate the land of Afrin will not be limited by someone like the "fascist Erdogan" and the resistance continues in all its forms until the liberation of every inch of Syrian lands.



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