Dîbo: AA model is best model to solve Idlib crisis

Sîhanok Dîbo, said that the reason for the deepening and complexity of the crisis in Idlib is the lack of successful and radical solutions to the Syrian crisis. He noted that Autonomous Administration model is the solution to the Idlib crisis.

The situation in Idlib is getting worse day by day, where the zones of the so-called" De-escalation", sponsored by Russia and Turkey were exposed to air raids and aerial bombardments, and armed clashes erupted between the Syrian regime and mercenary gangs that are affiliated to Turkey, which resulting in civilian casualties.

Member of the Presidential Body of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Sîhanok Dîbo, talked to our agency (ANHA) about the overall situation in Idlib, he said that the message of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan includes ways to resolve the Syrian crisis, and added in this regard, "all those involved in resolving the Syrian crisis to take advantage of the content of the message,

AA is considered an alternative solution to the crisis in Idlib '

He pointed out that the reason for the complexity of the crisis in Idlib is the absence of a radical and comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis, and added: "Solving the Idlib crisis is linked to the solution of the Syrian crisis in general and a formula can be found to solve the crisis in Syria by achieving two factors: the elimination of terrorism, the second is to find a formula for an alternative solution to the Syrian crisis. (AA) model is an alternative solution to the Syrian crisis, in order to achieve security, stability and peace and mechanisms of political solution, Afrin must be liberated. The liberation of Afrin will have a profound impact on the liberation of Idlib as well.

He said that "in the meetings of Astana, Syria was divided under the terms of De-escalation, and according to the agreement, many areas were handed over to the regime's forces and armed gangs were gathered in Idlib. The agreement of the Guarantor States continued until the Idlib issue was reached, and the agreement could no longer be continued in the agreement, if there is no international consensus on Idlib's liberation mechanism, the crisis will continue.

'Turkey fell in the swamp Idlib'

He likened the situation to the Turkish state in Syria in general and in Idlib in particular, like person fell into the well, and said in this regard, "Turkey has reached a situation that can no longer make decisions, Turkey is in the midst of a major internal crisis and a dark future, whether stayed in Idlib and got out. Erdogan and his party have a negative impact on the Turkish people and all the peoples of the Middle East, the Turkish people to take firm and decisive positions on these policies.



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