Daseh exists in Idlib

Daesh was defeated in north and east of Syria geographically, but it still exists in northwestern Syria occupied by Turkey, and it receives training there.

On Sunday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon the SDF's victory over Daesh and the danger posed by IS' detainees to SDF.

Al-Hayat: Kurds urge Damascus to dialogue and call on the Arabs to view them as "front line" against Turkey

On the Syrian issue, al-Hayat said, "The Kurds urged the regime to open a dialogue in order to cut off the challenges that threaten the Syrian sovereignty by most of the meddlers in Syria and in particular by the Turkish occupation regime." And a senior Kurdish official said that Damascus and the various Arab capitals must consider the Autonomous Administration as a safety valve and a counter-line against the Turkish aggressive ambitions. The Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria has encouraged the international community to cooperate and recover thousands of IS' elements and their families, and warned that children who were raised on a mentality would support terrorist projects if they were not requalified.

In a communication with al-Hayat, a member of the presidential council of the Syria Democratic Council (SDC) Sihanouk Dibo said, "There are many challenges today confronting SDF and SDC. Daesh is still existed despite the end of SDF supported by the International Coalition of the State of Empowerment) announced by the terrorist IS' organization in 2014." He warned that Daesh now poses a black idea that is more dangerous than its predecessors by the name of the security states, instead of the name of the states of the caliphate, making clear that the terrorist organization has become counting on the cells that are waiting to re-activate in the east of the Euphrates.

Dibo noted, "Daesh is existed strongly in Afrin and Idlib, and it receives training in the areas of the so-called Euphrates Shield. It is existed in the caves of Badia al-Sham, the countryside of al-Bukamal, the rural areas of al-Swaida, and strongly in al-Mout (Death) valley on the outskirts of Daraa."

Al-Arab: IS' foreign elements are time bombs in the strongholds of the Kurds of Syria

Al-Arab newspaper said, "The presence of thousands of foreign fighters in the detention centers of the Syrian Democratic Forces has placed a heavy burden on the latter, especially in terms of security, and the US and Syrian repeated calls for the original states evacuation of their citizens have failed."

Several countries in the world praised the announcement of the Syrian Democratic Forces on Saturday that the organization was defeated geographically after SDF defeated IS from al-Baguz village at a time when the commanders of the forces and their partner and the Washington-led International Coalition announced the start of a new phase of the war against Daesh to eradicate its dormant cells.

The case of foreign jihadists and their families' members is a burden on the Kurdish Autonomous Administration that demand their  countries to return them to try them on their territories. However, Western governments in particular are reluctant to regain them due to security concerns and fear of public reaction due to the bloody attacks adopted by the Islamic State Organization. Some of these governments have even begun to strip their detained citizens in Syria from their nationality.



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