Darwish: Ready to dialogue, coordination between us and regime was under Russian auspicious

Sharafan Darwish stressed their openness to dialogue and their willingness to cooperate with any party to repel any external aggression on Syrian territory and to liberate occupied Syrian territory from Turkey, provided that the will and management of the peoples of the region is recognized. Pointing out that coordination between their forces and the regime was sponsored by Russia.


The spokesman of Manbij Military Council, Sharfan Darwish, noted that their patrols with the International Coalition are continuing and there is no change in them, stressing that there is no truth to the conduct of Russian patrols in the city of Manbij.

Darwish remarks came in an interview with Hawar news agency with him about the latest developments in the city of Manbij, and how to patrol them, although there is no change in the way these patrols are run or not.

The approaching elimination of ISIS and the American withdrawal decision from the recent developments

Shorfan Darwish, at the beginning of his speech, attributed the recent political and military developments in north and east of Syria, especially the city of Manbij, to the imminent elimination of ISIS and the American withdrawal decision from Syria. "Of course you know there have been rapid political and military developments in Syria in general, especially the north and east of Syria, including the city of Manbij, because of the near elimination of terrorism and the urging of the United States on the words of its president to withdraw from Syria, these two sides made our regions are witnessing several political and military developments.

Darwish pointed out that the strategic center of Manbij has made it important military and political focal point and the focus of discussions and developments in North Syria more than any other region. It is located near the western points of regime and mercenaries of the Turkish occupation to the north.

'Coordination between our forces and the International Coalition continues without change'

 Darwish said. "There is no plan currently under way to withdraw from the region with regard to the International Coalition, and the coalition has not yet begun any step to withdraw from the city and its countryside." But what is happening and what happened in the last period after that withdrawal decision, there were discussions about how to fill the vacuum in case of withdrawal, and currently there is no change in cooperation between our forces, the forces of Manbij military council and the International Coalition. "The International Coalition patrols on the north and west borders continue.

'Our forces coordinate with the forces of the regime under the auspices of Russia'

"As for the Syrian regime and its spread more than a year ago, our forces and the regime's forces under the auspices of Russia reached an agreement stipulating the deployment of forces by the regime under the Russian supervision in the western and western north of the city of Manbij to reduce the interference of the Turkish occupation, and that coordination continues till this day.

Darwish explained that the coordination had stopped for a period of time, but it returned strongly this time due to the latest political and military developments in Syria, "and therefore this coordination between the two parties, and now spread on different lines to reduce the Turkish intervention."

'We will not tolerate any attack on our regions'

"We are in Manbij Military Council would like to emphasize that our objective is clear," he said, adding that his forces would not hesitate to respond to any external aggression in reference to the Turkish mercenaries. "

'We attach importance to the political and diplomatic solution'

Darwish added "we are as Syrian and national forces attach in the first degree attention to ​​the diplomatic and political side, negotiation, and dialogue to reach to a political solutions to the Syrian crisis"

"We would like to emphasize that we are open to dialogue or any solutions that serve Syria and its unity and may inject the blood of the Syrians and protect Syria from the attacks of the occupation. We are ready to cooperate in dealing with any kind of aggression with anyone who recognizes the will of the people, "He said.

No validity of the Russian patrols inside Manbij

At the end of his speech, he confirmed that who runs the city of Manbij is the Democratic Civil Administration, and the ones who protect it are the forces of the Manbij Military Council and those who maintain internal security are the Internal Security in Manbij, on Wednesday, it was promoted that there were Russian patrols in the city of Manbij. He pointed out that what happened were only patrols within the framework of the previous agreement to patrol the areas agreed upon in the western and western north of the city of Manbij.




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