Daraa… Field escalation, anticipated operation of government forces in the area

Demonstrations widened dramatically in the Daraa governorate during the past period, to include areas in the eastern countryside, many of whose towns had come out in solidarity with the people west of Houran, and coincided with reinforcements of government forces to the region, amid a field escalation that resulted in deaths and injuries.

Yesterday, the city of Daraa witnessed a protest stand carried out by dozens of sons and residents of Daraa in the city, denouncing the practices of government forces, and in solidarity with the western countryside, which is witnessing unprecedented gatherings of government forces and gunmen loyal to it in preparation for storming them.

Any build-up by government forces has been matched by massive demonstrations against the government's insistence to take military solutions, and the constant threat to storm areas, and implement those threats as previously happened in the Sanamis and others, amidst widespread popular concerns for citizens looking for a livelihood in light of the continuous collapse of the lira Syrian.

Sources confirmed that the towns of Tafas and al-Mazyreeb and other villages in the region are witnessing mass exodus of civilians to second areas, fearing that government forces will implement their threats and storm the western countryside of Daraa and launch a new military operation there.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on May 14 said that government forces continue to mobilize in the Daraa governorate, unconcerned by demonstrations and popular discontent, as military reinforcements were brought into the town of Ibta, north of Daraa, in addition to the arrival of a military convoy containing heavy machineries to Khirbet Ghazala bridge, Another military convoy entered the Panorama area in Daraa al-Mahata in the city of Daraa, and according to the sources of the Syrian Observatory, the last convoy is accompanied by vehicles belonging to the Russian forces.

Daraa governorate has witnessed assassinations and bombings almost daily, two years ago, by government forces, which increased days ago, when 9 elements of the police forces of the government forces were killed, a former mercenary leader has been charged with responsibility for the incident in response to the killing of two of his brothers by government forces.



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