Daraa Agreement looms for new demographic change

SOHR revealed that an agreement was reached between the regime and armed groups in the city of Al-Sanamin, Daraa countryside. This agreement provides for a new settlement for those who want to stay and the departure of the rebels to the north of Syria, in a similar form to the demographic changes that resulted from the Russian-Turkish agreements.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the calm returned to the town of Al-Sanamin in the northern countryside of Daraa, after 24 bloody hours.

According to the Syrian Observatory sources, an agreement was reached between the regime forces and the armed groups under the auspices of Russia. The agreement provides for a new "settlement" for those who want to stay and departure of the rebels to the north of Syria. It is reported that 7 fighters died yesterday as a result of shelling and clashes with regime forces in the city of Al-Sanmin.

 The Syrian Observatory monitored this morning renewed clashes in the city of Al-Sanmin, north of Daraa, between regime forces on one hand, and former fighters of the armed groups on the other, accompanied by artillery shelling of the first in an attempt to storm the area.

In the past few hours, unidentified attackers targeted with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades a military post in the village of Al-Sahwa, and unidentified gunmen attacked the "Al-Hagana" checkpoint in the village of Hait, west of Daraa, as well as attacking a checkpoint  that  belonged to the air intelligence services between the towns of Alama and Al-Soura and another checkpoint around the movement, which resulted in casualties.

 The settlement agreement was reached in Daraa on July 6, 2018, following a military campaign that followed the regime's control of Damascus surroundings and the northern countryside of Homs with settlements that Russia had worked to pass.

This agreement brings to mind the settlements reached by Russia and Turkey during the fourth round of Astana meetings, where they transferred thousands of mercenaries and their families from Ghouta, rural Aleppo and Homs to Afrin, Idlib, Seri Kania and Tal Abyad, which Turkey occupied with a Russian green light.



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