Damascus agrees to cease fire in Idlib "under conditions"

Damascus has, on Thursday, approved a truce in the northwestern region of Idlib, under the terms of the Russian-Turkish agreement to establish a demilitarized zone in its environs.

"The cease-fire in the area of ​​de-escalation in Idlib has been agreed on from tonight, provided that the Sochi agreement, which provides for the retreat of terrorists within 20 kilometers of the border and the withdrawal of heavy and medium weapons, on the condition that Sochi agreement is implemented," the statement said, quoting a military source.

Russia and Turkey reached an agreement in September, but its implementation was not completed.

Idlib and neighboring areas, where some 3 million people live, are under almost daily bombardment by Syrian and Russian planes since the end of April, coinciding with the battles concentrated in the northern Hama countryside

Source: Agencies

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