Daham al-Sattam: Many parties seek to undermine confidence between people, SDF

The writer and researcher on political affairs, Daham al-Sattam, indicated that many parties seek to create discord and differentiate between the components of northern and eastern Syria, strike the democratic nation’s project, and remove confidence between the people and the SDF by accusing SDF of assassinating the symbols of the region and its sheikhs.

In light of what the Deir-ez-Zor regions witnessed during the past few days of a series of assassinations that affected the sheikhs and notables of the region's tribes, especially the assassination of the sheikh of al-Akkidat tribe, Mutashar al-Hefal, and accusing SDF of these acts; Reactions against the policy of some parties, especially the Syrian regime and Iran, have continued, which are striving to strike the components together after years of stability following the liberation of the region from ISIS.

The reactions were issued by all components of the people, including sheikhs, notables, researchers and politicians, through statements of rejecting those policies and the demand for judgment and strengthening confidence in the military forces that liberated the land and people from the oppression of ISIS and provided thousands of martyrs.

From al-Raqqa, and in an exclusive interview with ANHA with the writer and political researcher, Daham al-Sattam, he spoke about what the region as a whole is witnessing within the framework of the autonomous administration and under protection SDF from stability and co-existence, most of the regions of northeastern Syria today live a communal life full of love and giving without any significant distinction between the components of a single people, which formed a model to be emulated throughout the entire Syrian geography.

Daham Al-Satam also praised Sheikh Mutashar al-Hefal's patriotic stances and his support for the Syrian Democratic Forces and his hostility to terrorism and tyranny, which prompted some parties to send their mercenaries and assassinate him, along with some other sheikhs, and accuse SDF with this heinous act and try to prove this through media trumpets and create sedition in Deir-ez-Zor areas, which soon extinguished its fire thanks to their minds.

Al-Sattam also confirmed that the Syrian regime and Turkish fascism are striving to strike the democratic nation’s project and AA that has proven successful at all levels and has manifested its achievements on the ground, highlighting the recurring strife that they are trying to create between the Arab tribes and the leaders of SDF since the liberation of the region, benefiting from some mercenaries of the so-called they are tribal sheikhs, those who live within the confines of Turkey and the Syrian regime, and who only represent themselves.

Al-Sattam recalled the heroic sacrifices made by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the battles to defeat terrorism in Deir-ez-Zor, considering that the clans' standing with al-Akkidat in their ordeal and revealing the truth reflects the extent of cohesion enjoyed by the Arab tribesmen in northern and eastern Syria.



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