Daesh's crimes turned into painful stories

The civilians in northern and eastern Syria have suffered from the crimes committed against those who rejected mercenary practices in the areas occupied by mercenaries. Perhaps the story of the couple Abdul Wahab and Ruwaida in the city of Manbij one of the many stories of horror and injustice in the memory of the people.

In conjunction with the approaching third anniversary of the liberation of the city of Manbij from mercenaries by Manbij Military Council, the people of the city remember the moments of terror, injustice and persecution they experienced during the years of Daesh occupation. The parents tell many stories about crimes committed by mercenaries against the civilian, including the story of the killing of the couple Abdul Wahab and Ruwaida.

Ruwaida al-Shahud, Abdul Wahab al-Ahmad were a couple from the town of Manbij who refused to obey the oppressive orders and practices of mercenaries, they were savagely murdered on July 24, 2016.

"I left the house when I heard the sound of bullets filling the street. The mercenaries besieged the house and asked me to enter a house under the threat of killing," the mother of Abdul Wahab al-Ahmad, Menfiya al-Abdullah said.

"All night long mercenaries bombed civilian houses and accuse the people of infidelity," she said

"We saw the body of Abdel Wahab and Ruwaida in the early morning hours after the mercenaries kidnapped them in the evening without daring to ask why they were killed," the mother said.

"The crimes of mercenaries have had negative effects on us, but with our liberation we will work hand in hand to start a new free life again," she said



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