'Daesh forced us to convert Islam, subjected us to military exercises'

The Yazidi children who were liberated from IS' clutches have said that IS mercenaries, beat, whipped and trained them to be the "Caliphate Cubs" and they were being forced to receive religious and military training and to convert Islam.


IS launched barbaric attacks on Şengal province in August 3, 2014. Hundreds of children and women were kidnapped and taken to IS areas to be forced to convert Islam, and to be trained to become the "Caliphate Cubs" not to mention instilling extremist ideas within them.

Hundreds of women and children and the last of whom were 11 Yazidi children have been liberated by SDF in the battels of the last stage of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign.

The child Saddam Hussein, 15 years old, from Dukri village in Şengal said, "When IS mercenaries kidnapped me, I was 10 years old, they took us to Tel- Afar. Then, they separated the women from the men and the young on their own. We used to move every time to a place between al-Mosel, al-Raqqa and Hajin and the last was al-Bagouz."

Hussein pointed out that IS mercenaries forced them to convert Islam and they would have been imprisoned if they violated the orders of IS mercenaries, in addition to instilling extremist ideas within them.

"With the help of the Yazidi House in al-Jazeera, I was able to communicate with my mother and siblings. I will meet them soon. I miss them so much," Hussein said.

"IS mercenaries killed my father and have kept me away from my family for five years."

The only thing I remember is that they used to beat me daily.

For his part, the child Iyad Hussein, 10 years old, from Hardan village who is suffering from health problems said, "I do not remember how they kidnapped me because I was 5 years old. I used to be beaten every day by IS mercenaries."

To talk about the health situation of the children, Hawar news agnsy (ANHA) has met with the doctor and the member of the Kurdish Red Crescent Dr. Diyar Resho who pointed out that the children suffer from digestive disorders as a result of malnutrition.



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