Daesh burns agricultural crops in Syria, Iraq

Daesh newspaper(Al-Neba) reported that mercenaries are burning crops in both Iraq and Syria.

According to the official newspaper of Daesh" Al-Neba", mercenaries were adopted to burn crops of wheat and barley in areas of Al-Hasakah and in Arab-majority areas such as Ain Issa, al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.

The fires resulted in the loss of thousands of hectares of agricultural crops.

Al-Neba newspaper reported that Daesh burned thousands of hectares in Iraq as well, noting that its sleeping cells burned large areas of land.

After the Syrian Democratic Forces defeated mercenaries in their last stronghold in al-Bagouz, they began to deployed their sleeper cells in all areas to carry out reprisals as they called.



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