DAA: Saboteurs behind fires, farmers guard your land

The Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) explained that saboteurs are behind the fires at agricultural crops, "saboteurs, after those hands failed to destabilize security and stability, they resorted to fighting people with their livelihoods and property," calling farmers for cooperation and cohesion with the competent authorities and to guard their land.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration issued a statement in this regard, explaining that the fires that consumed thousands of hectares of agricultural areas in the DAA of northern and eastern Syria are fabricated by saboteurs aiming to strike the economy of the region, the statement included:

"To our people and farmers in the north and east of Syria, fires increased in the harvest season in wheat and barley crops, it turned out that saboteurs after failing to destabilize security and stability, resorted to fighting people with their livelihoods and property and to try to sabotage the economy so we appeal to all our people and peasants in parallel with the competent authorities of the Internal Security Forces and military and civilian administrations to help guard their land and crops to reduce these destructive phenomena and the DAA of the north and east of Syria puts all its capabilities of civil defense and fire engines and machineries at the service of people to extinguish fires to eliminate this phenomena."

The area affected by the combustion according to the statistics available to DAA of about 20 thousand hectares before the fire broke out yesterday in al-Jazeera region which is estimated at 5 thousand hectares to become ​​25 thousand hectares.


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