DAA: coalition's threats attempt to destabilize, legitimize Turkish occupation

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria (DAA) denounced the threats which the coalition and its allies launched against the northern and eastern regions of Syria, describing it as an attempt to strike stability and safety in these liberated areas; practical and dangerous efforts to legitimize the Turkish occupation. Noting that Autonomous Administration's project guarantees the democratic solution and the unity of Syria, both socially and geographically.

This came in a statement issued by the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria in response to the statements of the so-called "Syrian National Coalition," which threatens the areas of northern and eastern Syria, and said in the statement:

"After the forces that tried to represent the Syrian opposition playing the patriotic role failed, as is the case today in the structure of the Syrian coalition, this political body has become a formal tool to implement the policies of the Turkish occupation and justification of the occupation of Syrian territory, the coalition has become an important part of the development of these practices, today's threat to our liberated areas is only a practical translation of Turkey's positions and policies.

In light of the loss of the coalition to any Syrian national project and the failure to manage areas that are allegedly liberated, but are also occupied by Turkey, the practices that appear in these areas (Jarablus, al-Bab,Azaz, Idlib and Afrin): killing, displacement, genocide and inhumane abuses, all this causes the hollow political body to export its common crisis with Turkey and justify its failure by threatening and attacking our regions, turning them into political cover for terrorists and mercenaries, and legitimizing their practices and violations against the Syrians.

We in the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria confirm that the threats that the tools of the Turkish state launch (the coalition and its affiliates) against our regions only attempt to strike stability and safety in these areas as well as practical and dangerous endeavors to legitimize the Turkish occupation and devise its policies against the Syrian people and move towards dividing the region, we condemn these positions and trends and call to focus on the efforts of solution and stability and uncover abuses and practices that are taking place in the areas under the Turkish occupation and the coalition; as well as not to attempt to distract the Syrian public opinion and the global presence of terrorism in these areas.

In conclusion, we emphasize that the project of Democratic Autonomous Administration is a pluralistic, pluralistic, participatory project and a painting that expresses the Syrian reality and the Syrian need, and this diversity and social solidarity is the one that has achieved all these victories.


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