DAA: Astana meetings will not fruit as not filled with Syrians’ will

The Democratic Autonomous Administration(DAA) of northern and eastern Syria assured that the Astana meetings will not produce any results because they were not representative of the Syrians ’will and indicate an incomplete vision of the Syrian reality, as well as rejected all the speeches in which some parties evade their negligence and responsibilities towards Syria and its people.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria issued a statement to the public opinion on what was issued in the fourteenth round of the Astana meetings.

The text of the statement came as follows:

Amid the complexity of the crisis in Syria and the signs of its resolution being reversed according to the mechanism that serves the Syrian people and fulfills its aspirations, the 14th meeting took place on December 11 and 12 between the countries that call themselves the guarantors of the Astana axis with the presence of Russia, Turkey, Iran, the Syrian government and a delegation of so-called themselves in the Syrian opposition.

As the same results, which were not, neither in Astana nor in Geneva and Sochi so far in the interest of the Syrian people, there were discussions far from the real dangers threatening Syria and its people, especially the Turkish occupation and terrorism. Rather, some in his speeches emphasized surely anti-Syrians. Their efforts to create a Syrian national solution, as well as there was a clear denial of the resistance our people demonstrated against the Turkish occupation and against terrorism.

If the efforts were really to serve the unity of Syria in any meeting or platform, then the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria has proven in practical terms its support for the efforts of the unity of Syria and its people, but rather our administration has always been ready to achieve rapprochement and dialogue between the Syrian parties from national responsibilities stemming from the keenness of Autonomous Administration and its insistence on it.

We assure, on behalf of our people, these meetings which brush aside the will of the Syrians will not produce any results as long as there is an incomplete vision of the Syrian reality, as we reject all speeches through which some evade their negligence and responsibilities towards Syria and its people. Autonomous Administration is a Syrian project and we aim to achieve the aspirations of our peoples with emphasis Always seek Syrian unity.

With the Turkish state in such meetings at the time that it carries out massacres against our people in all the regions in which it is in Syria, this means legitimizing its practices and building a political cover to achieve its goals in Syria, so we ask the state of the Russian Federation, the primary sponsor of the Astana axis, to play its part in making such positive platforms not its conspiracies, not even platforms, attack Syrian national institutions and projects that represent the will of millions and thousands of people who sacrificed for the sake of the unity of Syria and its people and for the achievement of justice, equality and democracy.

In conclusion, we affirm that the efforts and sacrifices of our components in northern and eastern Syria are only for the sake of stability and the development of a democratic solution; as attempts to distort this struggle such as that secession only serves Turkey and its project in ethnic cleansing and the imposition of the Brotherhood project, and that agreement to restore so-called Adana agreement with all its factors and its spatial and temporal conditions do not apply to the existing reality and the involvement of the Syrian and Russian government in this offering does not serve only Turkey, as there was supposed to be an end to its practice and occupation in Syria, not slipping the Turkish scheme through a negative proposal and items issued by the latest Astana meeting, which was only a means of deepening the crisis for the interest of its beneficiaries.



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