DAA: 19 billion S.L. are fires losses in northern Syria

The Agriculture and Economy Authority in the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA)estimated the damage to the crops at 19 billion Syrian liras, revealing other losses due to the fires, and attributed them to three main reasons.

The Autonomous Administration areas witnessed fires coinciding with harvest of the grain season during the current year inflicting serious damage to farmers which the DAA described as "deliberate" and said that it aims to hit the economy of the region and create a state of mistrust between the administration and the people of the region.

According to the Agriculture and Economy Authority, the approximate area of ​​agricultural land, which was burned until June 16, is approximately 40,860 thousand hectares.

These fires are distributed to the Autonomous Administration areas as follows: Al-Jazeera region 34,600, Euphrates Region 2,450, al-Tabqa 1,850, al-Raqqa 1,500, Deir ez-Zor 350, Manbij 110 hectares.

In addition, the tables of statistics included other losses, including the burning of 1650 sacks, including 1500 in al-Tabqa, and 150 sacks in Deir ez-Zor.

 In addition to the burning of trees and agricultural machinery, it was classified as follows: 2000 trees (Euphrates 500, al-Tabqa 1,500), 3 agricultural machineries (two harvesters, one agricultural tractor) and one house in al-Jazeera region.

The co-chair of the Agriculture and Economy Authority for the DAA of northern and eastern Syria, Amal Khazim, told Hawar news agency that they worked on the study and assessment of the damage which amounted to 19 billion Syrian pounds.

Khazim pointed out that the losses were not limited to the material aspect, but seven people from the security forces, firefighters and the people lost their lives during the process of extinguishing fire, in addition to dozens of other injuries.

Amal Khazim explained that there are several reasons for the fires the authority classified on three categories: "deliberate, air factors, errors."

At the end of her speech, the co-chair of the Agriculture and Economy Authority offered her warm condolences to the victims' families and wished them patience and solace.

Most fires involving farmers' crops were unknown and the administration commented that they were "deliberate."

A number of fires resulted from a short circuit resulting from transformers, electric wires and high voltage lines passing through agricultural fields. One case of fire was reported as a result of "lightening" in al-Jazeera region and several cases resulted from errors of throwing cigarette butts on public roads passing by fields or flying exhaust of agricultural machinery.

The Interior Authority in the DAA told Hawar News Agency's reporters in the context of its ongoing investigations with suspect in the deliberate fires, " The follow-up is still ongoing and investigations are under way and will be announced in a timely manner."

In our agency today, we have reported that several other fires broke out in al-Jazeera and the Euphrates regions today, indicating that these statistics will increase in the coming hours.



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