Czech president: Turkey commits war crimes in N, E Syria

The Czech "Barrandov" met with Czech President Miloš Zemand talked about the Turkish attack on northern and eastern Syria as a war crime, and we should prevent him from being a member of the European Union in the future.

He added that under the head of the Turkish occupation state Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has become a hotbed of terrorism and religious extremism.

"In my opinion, Turkey has committed war crimes and I think in any case you should not be a member of the European Union," Zeman said. The Czech president also referred to the martyrdom of Kurdish politician Havrin Khalaf, who was martyred by Erdogan mercenaries.

Zeman said he strongly opposed Erdogan's talk that the Kurds were terrorists. According to the Czech president, they are the most effective force in defeating ISIS, unlike the Turks who have long supported ISIS by buying oil from ISIS leaders.

"On the contrary, I would like to ask myself who the real terrorists are, certainly that Ankara-backed mercenaries are part of ISIS, who are attacking the Kurds and committing brutal murders." Zeman said.

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