Cypriot Minister of Defense: Turkey is a permanent danger to the security of Cyprus

The Cypriot Defense Minister, Charlampus Petrides, accused Turkey of bypassing all UN decisions issued on the Cyprus issue, and said that it poses a permanent threat to the security of Cyprus.

Petrides confirmed that his country will participate in the Geneva meeting, which will bring together the parties to the Cyprus issue at the end of April, at the invitation of the United Nations Secretary-General to discuss the issue of the island, which has been divided into two parts since 1974 after Turkey occupied part of it.

Petrides told Al-Arabiya: “I would like to stress that the solution must be based and take into account the agreements and UN Security Council resolutions in addition to the values ​​and foundations of the European Union. What is different today being that Turkey, for the first time, is presenting a dangerous position through its demand for a two-state solution in Cyprus, and not This could constitute a logical basis for reaching a solution to the Cyprus issue, "he said, adding that the Turkish position goes beyond all Security Council resolutions and is not in line with the principles of the European Union.

He stressed the importance of the existing alliances between Cyprus and Gulf countries to counter the Turkish intervention in the eastern Mediterranean region

In addition, the Cypriot official stated that Turkey "poses a permanent threat to the security of Cyprus because it has a large military presence in the occupied area of ​​the island, and it is working to destabilize it by carrying out provocative actions without respect for Cyprus' rights and sovereignty over its territorial waters."

"We are working with our allies and partners to counter Turkish interference in the region," the official added. "Cyprus has built a wide range of partnerships and cooperation with countries in the Mediterranean and the Arabian Gulf to support stability, prosperity and cooperation."



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