Culture Body in Euphrates region condemned Turkish attacks

The Culture Body in the Euphrates region of northern Syria issued a statement to the public that denounced the Turkish threats towards the northern regions of Syria and the silence of the international community about it.

The statement was delivered in front of  Baqi Kheddo Center for Culture and Art in the center of the city of Kobani in the presence of the members of the culture council in the Euphrates region, read by the co-chair Rizan Na'san.

The text of the statement:

"The Turkish state has recently threatened  the areas of north and east of Syria to launch attacks, aimed at striking the gains achieved by the administration of the region and military forces from victories over terrorism.

We in the Culture Body of the Euphrates region condemn these threats as well as the international silence on these threats. We call on the world public opinion to stop these provocative practices, which are far from human morality and which aspire to form an Ottoman Empire at the expense of the peoples of the region. We stand in line with our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, in the face of any threat to the region.

Kobani Canton is witnessing several events daily, especially the sit-in and the human shields action near the Turkish border in response to the recent Turkish threats to launch aggression on areas in the north and east of Syria and the mobilization of troops on the border.



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