Crops of Girê Spi farmers on fire, the Turkish army preventing them from extinguishing it

On Tuesday afternoon, fire broke out on agricultural land in villages west of the city of Girê Spi / Tal Abyad, bordering Bakur Kurdistan, and when the people tried to extinguish the Turkish occupation army shot them to prevent them from saving their crops.

Our correspondent reported that the fire broke out in large areas of wheat and barley crops for the people of the villages of Tal Ahmar and Yabsa and the surrounding villages in the western countryside of Girê Spi. Because of the wind speed, the fire extended to burn the agricultural land adjacent to the border with Bakur Kurdistan.

The Turkish occupation forces on the border opened fire on the residents and fire engines and prevented them from continuing to work to extinguish the fire that is still devouring the farmers' crops, as the residents and firefighters still attempt to extinguish and prevent its expansion to other areas.


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