Crisis of gasoline in Syria ... is regime's attempt to impose siege on north, east of Syria ..!

Private sources told our agency(ANHA) about the hidden reasons behind the crisis of gasoline and diesel in the areas governed by the Syrian regime at home, noting that the regime has failed in its attempt to impose a blockade on the regions of the north and east at the expense of the Syrian people.

The Syrian regime and its officials have used the media to turn the facts and obliterate them in order to defend the regime's violations and abuses against the Syrian people because of its apparent authoritarian mentality. The car lines that were formed in the streets of Damascus, Latakia and other Syrian cities in the hundreds, again, as usual, the regime claimed the global conspiracy and put the blame this time on the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, and SDF that liberated the region from terrorism and defend the gains and lands of the Syrian people.

Special sources revealed to our agency that the Syrian regime is trying to impose a siege on northern and eastern Syria by stopping the supply of crude oil from the territory of al-Jazeera in the northeast of the country for some time, though traders working for the officers and personalities of the Assad family themselves or local traders.

Where they transport crude oil to large refineries in the coast and the countryside of Homs as a result of the destruction of infrastructure in the old pipe network.

The source pointed out that the Autonomous Administration provides crude oil to the Syrian people through traders at nominal price due to the situation in the country, but the areas at home were and still suffer from the crisis and high prices because of the indiscriminate taxes pursued by the regime checkpoints, each of which is an officer or personality close to the regime, so that its prices rise exponentially to reach the citizen.

It was not only the gasoline crisis that was a slap by the Syrian regime for the Syrian people suffering under the rule of authoritarian and monopolistic monopoly, but the people were still suffering from the crisis of bread, gas and diesel and the most basic needs of life that must be provided to the people, but the survival of the regime affected by the policy of Iran and Russia in the country and its dealings with Turkey against the north and east of Syria has brought the Syrian people to almost complete lack of life needs.

On the level of political understandings between the  Autonomous Administration and the Syrian regime, a senior official of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD)assured our agencies that the regime has stopped negotiating and communicating with the  Autonomous Administration after secret and public meetings with Turkey, noting that although the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria offers comprehensive solutions to save the Syrian people and protect the rights of all components in the country and at all levels, but the regime is still pursuing the exclusionary and authoritarian mentality in the management of the country's pre-crisis, and resort to the forces of hatred in Syrian territory and occupied at the expense of the people.



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