​​​​​​​Crisis cell issues new directives

In the context of its efforts to prevent the outbreak of Covid19 in northern and eastern Syria and Al-Jazeera region, the Crisis Cell issued several resolutions and directives to this end during its last meeting.

The crisis cell issued a statement at the end of its last meeting, in which it revealed the resolutions and instructions it adopted in order to prevent the Corona epidemic and protect the people of the region, including:

  1. Continuing the sterilization campaign to include all worship places and civil society institutions.
  2.  All internal transport are obliged to sterilize vehicles in a good manner with chlorine on each trip.
  3.  Closing cafés, coming together centers, drinking Shisha, cafeterias, internet clubs, closed-circuit and leisure lounges
  4. Preventing sitting in restaurants and keeping restaurants open for fast food and outdoor meals only.
  5. Preventing visitors to patients in public and private hospitals.
  6. Emphasizing on  the general sanity.

7. Launching a campaign of sterility abroad, including neighborhoods, markets and all the public facilities, immediately after the end of the first campaign.

We reiterate that all decisions and guidance are in the public interest to prevent, ensure that the virus does not spread to our regions, and to protect  our people. All institutions and management possibilities are exhausted and in a state of constant readiness to take preventive measures to the safety of our people.

Together to prevent Corona in our regions."




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