Crime in front of Erbil Court

A man from Başûr Kurdistan shot his wife in front of the Erbil court building today.

According to an informed source from Erbil to our agency, a murder against a woman in front of a court of Erbil in Başûr Kurdistan has been committed, the incident took place when a man fired six bullets from a pistol directly on his wife which  hit the head and chest and led to her loss of life immediately.

According to eyewitness, after a verbal argument between the two in front of the court building, noting that they most likely to be a couple, the man committed the crime afterwards and fled, the passersby covered the woman's body until the Asayish forces arrived and imposed a security cordon around the area and the crime scene.

The source confirmed that after investigation and prosecution, the Asayish forces managed to arrest the perpetrator in a short time, while transferring the body of the woman who was killed to the forensic hospital in Hewler.



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