COVID-19 quarantine department at Dêrik Hospital under preparation

The Health Directorate in Dêrik is preparing a special department to receive the people infected with COVID-19 at the People Hospital.

The Health Directorate in Dêrik, in collaboration with the Italian organization UPP, has begun to prepare special department for the Covid-19 infections at the People Hospital.

The out-of-service ICU and the external clinics departments at the People Hospital were converted into a special department to receive cases of Corona infections after they had been equipped, isolated from the rest of the hospital and placed directly under service.

In the event of any case, coronavirus infections will be admitted to the new 40-bed department has been prepared at the People Hospital.

The new department is scheduled to enter service within 15 days to support the local health system and increase its ability to receive the infected people in the event of an outbreak.

In addition to a special 24-beds department for ordinary patients as well as 8-beds- relapse-like cases, the third one is the respiratory oxygen department with 6 beds.

After completing the maintenance, the ventilator department will be separated from the hospital.

"The Health Directorate allocated two points in the outpatient department; the yellow point for medical staff and for sterilization and wearing special clothing to enter the red zone is for the infected with the Coved-19 ," the Health Directorate said.

"Maintainance will be completed within the next two weeks and the hospital will go into service directly, and receive cases from all cities in Qamishlo canton if they appear," the Health Directorate said.



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