Covid-19 fatalities, casualties’ incidence rise in Palestine and Israel

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the total number of Coronavirus infections in Palestine has increased to 474, while Israel has recorded 187 deaths so far and 14,326 cases.

Palestinian Minister of Health May Alkila said that the ministry has registered new cases of coronavirus in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The total number of Corona-infected cases in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza, due to new infections, reached 474 cases, including 4 deaths and 71 recoveries.

This comes while the Palestinian government is moving to ease restrictions imposed on citizens during the state of emergency.

In the same regard, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced today, Tuesday, the death toll in the country to 187, while the total number of Corona infections rose to 14326.

The Israeli media quoted Israeli medical sources as saying that there are a rise in injuries, as 384 cases were recorded in less than the last 24 hours, noting that during Monday, 250 cases were recorded, as well as a rise in the number of deaths by 3.3%, and in the number of serious injuries by 4% , And dropped by 1.8%, connected to the respirator.

Israeli media reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to impose a public closure in the country, in conjunction with the revival of the Israeli "Independence Day" on April 29, to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.


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