Counselor Zaid al-Ayoubi: Erdogan committed war crimes against Kurds in Syria to prevent them from determining their fate

The Head of the Arab Center for Strategic Affairs in Jerusalem, the Counselor Zaid al-Ayoubi, said that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is responsible for the spread of killing and destruction in northern Syria and Libya, as he is the main supporter of the armed terrorist gangs there.

Al-Ayoubi confirmed in a special statement to "Hawar" news agency that all published intelligence reports confirm that Erdogan has turned Turkey into a platform for training and sending the terrorists to north Syria and Libya, especially those affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, as these militants receive advanced military training in the camps of the Turkish army located on the Turkish lands, and then Erdogan facilitates their entry into north Syria and sends them by sea and air to Tripoli in Libya to fight alongside al-Sarraj militias against the Libyan National Army led by the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Al-Ayoubi pointed out that despite the issuance of several Security Council resolutions prohibiting the arming of armed groups in Libya and northern Syria, the "Turkish tyrant" is continuing to arm the terrorist groups by providing them with advanced land and air weapons, which was monitored by the forces of the Field Marshal Haftar and some European countries.

Al-Ayoubi pointed out that Erdogan, through his support for the extremist terrorist gangs in the Arab countries, aims to revive the Ottoman occupation of Arab soil and control the capabilities of the Arab nation, which are miserable ambitions that threaten the Arab national security, so they must be faced with the heart of one man from all Arabs.

Al-Ayoubi added: "Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood committed war crimes against the Kurds in Syria with the intention of undermining their aspiration to self-determination by establishing their independent state," emphasizing that Erdogan is a dangerous war criminal who must be tried for his heinous acts against children, women and civilians in northern Syria.

The Chancellor al-Ayoubi called on all Arab countries to form a united military and political front to confront the dangers of Erdogan's ambitions in the Arab world, especially as they affect the Arab national security in order to protect the capabilities and dignity of the Arab nation.


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