Corpse of martyr Uğur Şakar bid farewell in Germany

The corpse of the martyr Uğur Şakar, who burned himself, has been laid to rest in Neuss.

On February 20, Uğur Şakar set fire to his body in the Krefeld, denouncing the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and denouncing the hostile policies of the German state towards the Kurds, he was martyred on 22 March in the hospital where he was being treated and his body was buried in Neuss cemetery during solemn ceremony.

Gönül Kaya, an activist of the Kurdish women's movement TJK-E, gave a speech in which she expressed her condolences to "all those resisting". She said: "Uğur Şakar has used his body against fascism and the criminalization policy. Shortly after the anniversary of the abduction of Abdullah Ocalan to Turkey, he burned himself before the court. He set himself alight against injustice. His only wish was to increase the struggle. We promise that his last wish will be fulfilled.”

On Saturday, a memorial service will be held for Şakar in the Kurdish Community Center in Dusseldorf city.



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