Corpse exhumed from al-Tallaeh camp cemetery in al-Raqqa southern countryside

The Initial Response Team in al-Raqqa Civil Council has started to exhume corpses from the cemetery of al-Tallaeh (Vanguard) camp in the southern countryside of al-Raqqa, after the team completed the exhumation of 632 corpses from Fakhekha cemetery, while the total number of corpses exhumed from the city reached 4,500.

Since the liberation of the city of al-Raqqa, the Initial Response Team has been working to exhume the corpses from the rubble and mass graves caused by Daesh mercenaries, reaching the number of graves that have been exhumed to 14 graves.

The administrative member in the Initial Response Team Yasser Khamis said that this cemetery was allocated to those who were executed in field executions, according to the story of the people.

He said, "1,500 requests were submitted by the families of missing people, but only 46 bodies have been identified in the cemetery of al-Fakhikha so far."

According to Khamis, the team will move to the exhumation of the bodies from the cemetery between the two bridges after the completion of the cemetery of al-Tallaeh camp.




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