Coronavirus activity declines in Israel and Palestine

Israeli and Palestinian medical reports indicated a decline in the Corona virus activity, while the Israeli Ministry of Health recorded new deaths and infections with the virus, while the total number of infections in Palestine reached 520.

Today, the Israeli Ministry of Health has reported 230 deaths, and 16,193 cases of Corona virus, to date.

While Israeli medical reports indicate that there has been a significant decline in the number of Corona virus infections and deaths and its activity in Israel.

The ministry added that it recorded only 8 infections during this period, bringing the total number of infections to 16,193, two-thirds of them are in good health, while 103 cases are in critical condition, including 82 who live on respirators.

The number of recovery cases in Israel was 9,634.

In the same context, the Palestinian Ministry of Health registered new cases of coronavirus in the West Bank.

In a statement, she said that the total number of infections cases in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza has reached 520 cases.

It stated that there is a decrease in the number of Coronavirus infections in the Palestinian territories.


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