Corona pandemic ... increasing infections, deaths

​​​​​​​Despite all the global efforts to curb the spread of the Corona pandemic, the hidden enemy continues to spread greatly in great countries, threatening to worsen, and the number of people infected with the virus around the world reached more than two and a half million, while the virus killed more than 177,000.

Coronavirus continues to spread widely in the world, affecting sectors, and the United States, which recorded the first death of the virus at the end of February, is the country most affected by the pandemic, and the number of deaths reached about 42 thousand, out of more than 76,6212 thousand infections, while the authorities announced cured at least 71,581 people.

"It is expected that there will be a second wave of coronavirus emerging in the United States during the coming winter," he warned the director of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warning that it may be much stronger than the first wave because it will likely start with the start of the flu season, this will put the health sector under great pressure.

As a result of the great damage to the American economy due to the spread of Corona, and in an attempt to restore balance, the US Senate unanimously approved on Tuesday additional funding of $ 484 billion to ease the repercussions of the coronavirus on the US economy and help hospitals treat patients with the disease.

The Senate has sent the bill, which is backed by the White House, to the House of Representatives, which is expected to vote on Thursday, in what will be the fourth bill to respond to the coronavirus.

The total value of the four bills amounts to about 3 trillion dollars.

President Donald Trump urged Congress to quickly approve the bill, which essentially expands loan financing for small businesses hit hard by the pandemic and leaves aid to states and local governments for a later bill.

According to information, Congress is working on a fifth bill to respond to the coronavirus.

Follows the United States of America in terms of the number of infections Spain, which recorded a rise in corona infections as the number of cases with the disease reached 204,178, while the number of deaths due to the pandemic rose to 21,282.

Then Italy, which recorded 2,729 new cases of coronavirus, and the total number of cases rises to 18,3957 cases, and it recorded 24,648 deaths due to Corona.

As for France, which ranks fourth in the world in the number of infections, it has also become the fourth country in the world where the number of corona deaths exceeds 20 thousand, and the number of infections reached 159,300 cases.

As for Germany, which started easing isolation measures, and came in at the fifth position, 148,453 infections, of whom more than 5 thousand died.

Britain is ranked sixth, recording 130,000 infections, 17378 of whom died, and the British Minister of Health announced the testing of human vaccine against coronavirus, which will begin on Thursday.

Turkey, which recorded a remarkable rise in the number of infections, and China surpassed the pandemic after recording the first infection a month ago, recorded 119 new deaths from the coronavirus, bringing the number to 2,259 and recording 4,611 new infections.

Followed by Iran, where the Iranian Ministry of Health announced that the number of deaths from the coronavirus reached 5,297 deaths and infections increasing to 84,802.

In the ninth place globally, the focus of the corona pandemic, China recorded 11 new cases of coronavirus and no deaths for the fourth consecutive day.

Followed by Russia, which recorded 52,700 cases, 456 of whom died.

This Indian health announced the registration of 50 new deaths of the virus and infections, approaching 20 thousand cases.

On the Arab level, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the registration of 150 new cases of recovering from the Coronavirus, and the total number of people recovered increased to 1640, while 11,631 cases were recorded so far, 109 of whom died.

The UAE Ministry of Health announced that it has conducted more than 30,000 tests for the coronavirus and detected 490 new infections, bringing the number of infections so far to 7,755 cases, of whom 46 have died.

The Qatar Ministry of Health announces the registration of 518 new infections with the Coronavirus, bringing the number of infections to 6,533, 9 of whom died.

Morocco announced 140 new cases of coronavirus, taking the total to 3,016, with one death and 9 recovering.

Kuwait confirmed on Tuesday that it had registered 85 new cases of coronavirus, taking the total number to 2,080.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health announced that the number of coronavirus infections in the country had risen to 884, after 5 new cases were registered.

Algeria recorded 8 new deaths, bringing the total to 392 cases and 53 cases of recovery.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health confirmed that the total number of cases of coronavirus recovery reached 1096, out of 1602, of whom 83 died.

The Sudanese Ministry of Health registered 15 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases to 107.

Egypt recorded 189 new cases of the new coronavirus, bringing the total number to 3490, of whom 264 died, and 89 recovering cases, in the latest daily count.



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