Corona infections... high toll in Russia and India

The new Corona virus continues to spread around the world despite precautionary measures taken by many countries, as Russia recorded nearly 10,000 infections within one day

The number of coronavirus infections reached 4,907,135 cases worldwide, while the pandemic caused the death of more than 320,392, while 1,916,798 recovered.

Russia recorded 9,263 new cases of corona and the total is close to 300,000.

The number of cases of coronavirus in India exceeded 100,000, while the number of corona infections in Turkey became 150,000.

The number of deaths in Corona in Egypt increased to 645, and infections to 12764.

Iraq recorded 150 new infections and 4 deaths.

Algeria recorded 182 new cases of coronavirus and 7 deaths, while Jordan recorded 16 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 629 cases.

Saudi Arabia announced 2,593 new infections with the Corona virus during the past 24 hours.


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