Corona death, infections incidence increase in Israel and Palestine

Israel recorded a high death toll for Corona Virus victims in the country to 199, while the number of infected people reached 15,398, while the total number of cases in Palestine reached 495.

Today, Sunday, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced, "The number of new infections in the Corona virus has increased to 15,398, while the death toll has reached 199."

The Israeli media quoted the Ministry of Health: "8372 infections are in a slight condition, as it is subject to health control in the quarantine of the household and hotel quarantine."

It stated: "That 403 patients are in moderate to serious condition, among them 100 are connected to the respirator, while 6,602 people are recovering."

In the same regard, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced yesterday that the total number of infections in Palestine increased to 495, including 26 children as young as 9 years old.

It noted that: "The number of recovery cases reached 105 cases."


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