Corona cases decrease in China and rise in Italy

Corona virus continues to spread globally, and despite the decrease in the number of cases in China, it is increasing in Europe and Africa, amid intensified international efforts to counter this spread.

The latest statistics recorded the injury of 423,681 people, while 18,922 died, and 109,172 people recovered worldwide.

On Wednesday, the National Health Commission of China reported that it had recorded a decrease in the number of cases of coronavirus, and that all of them were for travelers from abroad.

In New Zealand, 50 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, and the fifth death was recorded in Israel, with a total of 2030 cases.

The Omani Ministry of Health registered 15 new cases of coronavirus.

In Germany, the number of corona infections rose to 31,554 and 149 deaths.

In South Africa, the Ministry of Health said the number of HIV infections has exceeded 700.

The number of new deaths from the new virus, Corona, resumed in Italy on Tuesday, with 743 additional deaths recorded, after two days of decline.

The number of deaths in Turkey increased by 7 cases to 44, while the number of confirmed cases increased by 343 to 1872.

South Korea, in turn, announced the registration of 100 new cases of coronavirus

In the United States of America, the mayor of New York said that the number of infected cases reached 14776 in the city, and the number of new deaths was 131 people.



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