Continuous demands to lift isolation of Ocalan, reveal his health

A number of al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood's residents called on human rights organizations to lift the isolation on the leader Ocalan and reveal his health status, stressing that his philosophy is a key to solving the crises in the Middle East.

With the continued spread of the Corona pandemic in the world, the detainees in the Turkish prisons witness a great danger in the spread of the epidemic, and in this regard, our agency monitored the views of the people of Aleppo city in the western part of al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood.

The citizen Fatima Mohammed said: "We are fully confident that the ideas of the leader Ocalan are the basis for solutions to the crises that Syria and the Middle East are witnessing in general. Our experience in the Syrian north has achieved its victories on the principles of the leader's philosophy."

She added that in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic in the world, the Turkish authorities continue to tighten the isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

On her part, the citizen Zenab Omer, one of the personalities who met the leader Abdullah Ocalan said: "We believe that the Corona crisis is a contrived crisis at this stage among the ruling and capitalist countries, and during our meeting with the leader Ocalan, he made clear to us that the states are fighting us politically and one day they will fight us with advanced weapons."

Zenab appealed of the necessity of the rank's unity to achieve the freedom of the leader Ocalan from the Turkish prisons.

The citizen Saleh Mostafa denounced the actions of the Turkish authorities by tightening the isolation on the leader Ocalan, and prevented his lawyer from meeting him, amid fears of the spread of the epidemic in the Turkish prisons.

He added: "The Corona epidemic poses a threat to the detainees in the Turkish prisons, and the Human Rights Committee and the United Nations must carry out their humanitarian work and not to serve the interest of states."


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