'Continuing escalation north-west of Syria will direct it towards a holocaust'

A member of the MSD Relations Center in Aleppo said that the continued military escalation in Idlib "could lead to a holocaust as a result of the killing of civilians and the displacement situation," indicating that any political settlement in Idlib must be achieved with international will.

For nearly 15 days, areas in the northern villages of Hama, Latakia, Aleppo and Idlib have witnessed fierce battles between mercenary groups affiliated to the Turkish occupation and the Russian-backed Syrian regime, amid a wave of displacement.

On the reasons for the escalation and its impact on the region and the fate of Idlib, the main stronghold of mercenary groups, the member of Relations Center of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Aleppo's branch Roshan Mohammed talked about the escalation and said that the status quo in Idlib is the result of the 12th meeting of Astana.

"What we are witnessing now is a Russian military operation in the region that comes within the framework of an agreement that provides for the regime and Russian incursion 20 miles deep," Roshan said.

Roshan predicted that the agreements and escalation "could lead Idlib towards a Holocaust," and said that "the current situation in Idlib reveals the hidden agreements concluded to," explaining that the political settlement in Idlib can be achieved by the existence of "international will."

"Countries do not want to solve the Syrian crisis because that does not fit their interests, they do not want to establish security in Idlib," Roshan added.

As for the fate of Idlib, the main stronghold of the mercenaries, Roshan Mohammed said that "Idlib, as we mentioned, is moving towards a Holocaust if the situation remains the same in terms of military escalation without a political solution because civilians are the victims of the military campaign and they are the only ones who pay the price of the military operation, which can lead to human catastrophe, so we must avoid the massacres and the displacement of the people in Idlib, as we have seen and still witness towards the occupied city of Afrin and to the northwest of the country."

"The situation needs a political solution with the participation of all the Syrian parties without excluding any active party on the ground and the Syrian-Syrian solution, which source is the people to determine the fate of their country." Roshan Mohammed concluded.



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