Continued escalation in demilitarized zones

The escalation in demilitarized zones continues at a slower pace than yesterday, but there were numerous violations in northern Hama countryside.


According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the regime forces targeted Sunday morning with rockets the vicinity of Morek town in the northern sector of the Hama countryside, within the area the so-called demilitarized.

The observatory added that " there has been a cautious calm in these areas in all sectors, from after midnight on Saturday - Sunday to this morning."

In its turn, the SANA agency said that the regime forces in the northern Hama countryside "have directed heavy blows on the movements and gatherings of terrorist groups in response to their repeated violations of the agreement to reduce the escalation."

SANA added, "An army unit in Hama carried out artillery strikes on the positions and fortifications of Jabhat al-Nusra and associated terrorist groups in the outskirts of (Qalaa al-Madiq) town in the northern countryside of Saqilbiyah, adding "Intensive strikes have resulted in the loss of personnel and equipment and the destruction of several mines, weapons and ammunition."

The escalation continues in the demilitarized zones amid talk about a Russian-Turkish dispute about Idlib, which led to the postponement of Lavrov's visit for the second time in a week to Turkey as an Iranian military delegation headed to Syria to meet with the regime and Iraq.



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