Constructional boom in al- Karama district

Al-Karama district of al-Raqqa city is witnessing prosperity and construction movement as a result of the security. The municipality noted that in 2018 it submitted more than 550 building permits.


After the liberation of al-Raqqa city and its countryside of IS mercenaries by the Syrian Democratic Forces, and the extension of security and stability in the region, al-Karama witnessed an unprecedented construction movement after the urban decline in the past years, due to many reasons including security tensions and the high prices of building materials.

Today, with the stability of the region and the availability of the building materials at acceptable prices, in addition to the technical permits to build in a systematic construction, the construction movement has flourished in the eastern countryside of al-Raqqa.

Ali al-Hamad, owner of carpentry workshop said "After the liberation of the region from terrorism, the region is witnessing a great construction movement, and this is due to the stability of the region,"

He pointed out that in the past, no one could build anything, ISIS did not have municipalities and planning schemes for the region, in addition to the lack of building materials and high prices.

The technician in the People's Municipality of al-Karama area, Faisal al-Birm, explained that the municipality's technical office is working to provide building permits after studying the place where it is being built and not being in an administrative area or within a street plan or state property.

Al-Birm noted that they rely on the old plans and are now developing a new plan for the region.



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