Congress warns Washington from leaving Syria, French president as mediator between US, Iran

On Wednesday morning, International press focused on a report issued by the US Congress warning of an early withdrawal of US troops from Syria as well as attempts by the French president to hold a meeting between Rouhani and Trump and Rouhani's willingness to amend some items of the nuclear deal.

Report warns from US leaving Syria

The Washington Times reported a new Congressional report that harshly criticized the US government's policy toward Syria, He warned that the terrorist threat to the region remains real, and the United States risks losing the gains of recent years.

In an 80-page report released on Tuesday, the Syria Study Group found that reducing US military intervention in Syria while protecting US security interests in the region "has proved to be incompatible targets."

Once the early withdrawal of US forces from Syria, all that US forces and their partners in Syria have received will be in vain," the report said. "The United States cannot avoid or ignore the conflict in Syria."

The report also warned that while the material “caliphate” of ISIS mercenaries in Iraq and Syria was destroyed, Syria, where the “Syrian lands still remain fertile for terrorist organizations that pose a threat to Washington's national security and the front line of Iranian interference in the region, the main stage of Russia's return to the region.

"The sharp shifts and setbacks in US policy and the failure of senior US government officials to prioritize the issue with their counterparts have undermined US credibility and the effectiveness of US policy," the report said.

Michael Singh, co-chair of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the final report, drafted by a panel of 12 congressional appointees, provides a "bipartisan roadmap."

"It is time to acknowledge that our policy in Syria over two administrations was a failure."

The group recommended that the United States spend the stabilization funds already approved by Congress, it prevents reconstruction aid for Syrian areas still under regime control, increases sanctions on the Syrian regime, and intensifies efforts to isolate the regime.

"While some argue that it is too late for an active US approach to Syria, we conclude that the United States can still influence the outcome of the Syrian war in a way that protects US interests," the report said.

The Iranian president is ready to change the nuclear deal if Trump lifts sanctions

The Independent newspaper quoted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as saying he was only willing to discuss changes in the nuclear deal if the United States lifted sanctions on his country, despite pressure from other world leaders to resume talks.

Iran's president told reporters at the UN General Assembly in New York that he would not consider meeting Donald Trump as the restrictions remain.

He spoke shortly before the US president, accusing Iran of "bloodshed." ", Following recent drone attacks on Saudi oil installations.

However, Trump appeared to have raised the prospect of a diplomatic breakthrough with the Islamic Republic, saying that "the United States has never believed in permanent enemies."

Rouhani, who claimed the Houthis were behind the drone attacks and not Iran, said he had not seen "any concrete evidence" of any changes in the US position toward his country.

"Nobody knows what America will do tomorrow," he said. Iran's president has accused Trump of withdrawing the 2015 deal Barack Obama negotiated simply because it does not have his "brand."

Asked whether he would negotiate a new nuclear deal with the Trump administration, he said he was ready to discuss "minor changes, additions or adjustments" if the United States lifted sanctions it has imposed since 2018.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan also revealed that Trump had asked for help in defusing tensions with Iran. "I can't say anything more now than this except we are trying to mediate," he told reporters.



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