Confessions of ISIS cells' elements, one of them is dangerous intelligence element

The Anti-Terrorist Unit in Manbij city arrested two elements of an ISIS cell, one of whom is considered one of the most dangerous elements of ISIS security mercenaries in northern Syria. Hawar news agency (ANHA) was able to take their confessions of the tasks entrusted to them and the attacks they carried out.

 The Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Manbij Military Council continues to fight the remnants of terrorism and the sleeper cells who are existed in the city. Not only did they capture elements of the cells, but they also managed to arrest a security mercenary belonging to ISIS mercenaries, who carried out several terrorist attacks in the north and east of Syria, and managed to cross the mercenaries and their equipment to the north and east of Syria to carry out the biggest terrorist plots, especially suicide bombers.

Our agency (ANHA) conducted a meeting with two elements of a sleeper cell in the city of Manbij who were arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Manbij Military Council, Walid Hassan Mohammed, whose mission is to smuggle ISIS mercenaries from the areas of Turkish occupation control and mercenaries to northern and eastern Syria and vice versa, in addition to carrying out terrorist attacks. Assassinations, planting bombs and stickers, as well as threatening and blackmailing merchants to finance their terrorist acts, Ahmed Mohammed al-Faisal mission smuggling ISIS mercenaries from Jarablus to Manbij and vice versa.

Walid Hassan Mohamed Born in Jarablus in 1990, a resident of al-Raqqa, nicknamed Abu Khaled al-Shami, studied elementary school only, and with the beginning of the revolutionary movement in Syria, Walid joined the ranks of mercenaries of the so-called "Ahrar al-Sham Movement", He underwent a camp at al-Jarrah airport for two months and after training was screened to the fronts against the chemistry battalion of the 17th Division of the Syrian regime.

One month after the outbreak of fighting between Ahrar al-Sham and Daesh mercenaries, the latter was newly established. These events made Walid migrate from Syria to Turkey and stayed there for about 50 days and then returned to Jarablus and worked in the field of his basic profession with sanitary. His stay in Jarablus did not last as he went to al-Raqqa and worked there in his profession for a year. Where he had known several ISIS mercenaries one of them called Abu Kaswara, who persuaded him to join IS' ranks.

The mercenary Walid went to Deir ez-Zor in 2014 to join ISIS mercenaries, where he underwent a camp in al-Hawija. The mercenary Abu Obaida al-Shami was the emir of the camp, at the end of the camp, he pledged allegiance to Walid Abu Obeida, who was known to ISIS mercenaries.

He was appointed to work in mortars and underwent another course on how to use mortars, He worked in the field of mortars in Huwaiqa, Rusafa and Hawija for a year targeting the Syrian regime's Deir-ez-Zor military airport, and then moved to fight in the airport and Jabal al-Taym battles.

The mercenary Walid moved to the city of Manbij on the orders of the mercenary Abu Mohammed al-Shami.

About 7 months ago, Walid received orders via a call from mercenary Abu Mohammad al-Shami ordering him to go to Manbij to work there. He was entrusted with the task of smuggling ISIS from the areas occupied by the Turkish occupation to northern and eastern Syria and vice versa.

Walid deals with three smuggling groups working to smuggle mercenaries, some smuggling mercenaries through the River Sajour in hidden way between Manbij and Jarablus, two groups are working to smuggle mercenaries from Jarablus to al-Raqqa and vice versa.

Walid smuggled through smugglers' networks dealt with by more than 40 mercenaries, including 15 suicide mercenaries who entered the areas of Turkish occupation control to the areas of northern and eastern Syria with the task of carrying out suicide attacks, while the rest are working on the implementation of assassinations and the preparation of explosive devices to plant and detonate it.

In addition to the smuggling mission, Walid was assigned by the mercenary Abu Mohammed al-Shami to photograph the big shops and send the pictures to the shop owners and threaten them either to provide them with money or they would blow them up and kill them. The cell in Manbij placed an explosive device in front of the door of the shop when it was closed at night and blew it up. They repeated the threat that they could blow up his shop and kill him as well. This explosion is a threat. A week after the explosion, the owner paid $ 40,000 to the cell.

Terrorist attacks involving the mercenary Walid in Manbij and smuggling of equipment for remote control

One of the terrorist acts that the mercenary Walid confessed to carrying out was the bombing of an Internal Security Force patrol at al-Dalu roundabout. the details are that Abu Muqdam, the leader of ISIS's sleeper cells in the city of Manbij, he called with Walid and asked him to come and receive a garbage bag containing an explosive device to place him near the roundabout of al-Dalu in the city of Manbij in al-Sarab neighborhood and met in the alleys adjacent to the roundabout midnight.

Walid took the bag from Abu Muqdam and put it on the next to the roundabout of al-Dalu near a small stall selling cigarettes. Abu Muqdam took over the task of monitoring and detonating the device, targeting a patrol of the Internal Security Forces in Manbij on June 24 this year, which resulted in the injury of a member of the Internal Security Forces in addition to the destruction of small stall cigarettes in full.

The mercenary Abu Mohammed al-Shami then contacted Walid and entrusted him with the task of receiving electronic circuits to detonate the devices remotely and distributing those circuits to the cells existed in (Manbij, al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa, Deir-ez-Zor, al-Hasakah ...), Walid communicated with the smuggler and received circuits in three batches in each batch 100 circuits and then handed them to the mercenary Abu Muqdam.

Upon receipt of the fourth batch on July 13, he was arrested by the Counter-Terrorism Unit of the Manbij Military Council with circuits in his possession.

Who is a member of the smuggling cells of ISIS mercenaries Ahmed Mohammed al-Faisal?

Ahmed Mohammed al-Faisal from the city of al-Raqqa was born in 1992, and his mission is to smuggle Daesh mercenaries from Jarablus to Manbij and vice versa, Ahmed was a petrochemical engineering student at the University of Damascus one year and stopped studying in 2015 and returned to al-Raqqa and began working in the car trade, and when the campaign began to liberate al-Tabqa area which was launched by SDF Ahmed came out of al-Raqqa and moved to Manbij.

He went to the occupied city of al-Bab for twenty days and then returned to Manbij and returned to work in the car trade for a year and then resorted to smuggle cars through the villages of Sajur to the city of Manbij and Ahmed is no longer a car dealer, but became a smuggler and earns each car $ 100, and there he knew Walid as a car dealer and their relationship has strengthened.

Once, Walid asked Ahmed to smuggle people while smuggling cars as civilians who wanted to get out and that he would pay the smuggler in the other bank, Ahmed communicated with those who work with them in the smuggling of cars while in Jarablus one of them agreed for 25 thousand Syrian pounds per person and Ahmed the same amount, ie, the sum of what they will be charged per person of Walid 50,000 Syrian pounds.

After five days, Walid called Ahmad back and told him that three people atal-Batta roundabout were waiting for the smuggler and the sign was also a white bag. The same thing was repeated 10 days later, as usual, three people called Ahmed to the smuggler, but the smuggler told him that he no longer accepted the previous amount and wanted $ 100 and the same for Ahmed.

Ahmed told Walid that the smuggler wanted to increase the money, but Walid refused to increase the amount. After more than two hours, Walid called Ahmad back and agreed to pay $ 200 for each person. As they crossed the smuggler with the three people in Ghandoura in Jarablus countryside, they told him, "Don't cross us from the pig checkpoint."

The smuggler realized that the people he smuggled were Daesh mercenaries and called Ahmad and told him, but Ahmed did not stop working with Walid and the smuggler, but when Walid came back in contact with Ahmed to smuggle six people at once and asked for $ 500 for each person Walid agreed to.

It was the last batch of mercenaries smuggled before the arrest of Ahmed Mohammed al-Faisal by the Anti –Terrorism Unit of the Manbij Military Council.




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