Confessions of a terrorist cell linked to Turkish intelligence reveal new facts ... Part -2

Why did the assassination of Abdel Karim Omar, Abdul Karim Sarokhan and Mohammed Musa fail? What was their mechanism to lure victims? And how the cell was working to determine the objectives of its terrorist operations? The outstanding questions dealt with in the second part of the dossier "which responds to him in detail during the details of the operations that failed.


In the second part of our dossier, we review eight assassination attempts failed by the cell to carry out a number of political and military figures in the area. The cell attempted to assassinate the Turkish intelligence services, which financed their movements directly through an unidentified person from the Turkish intelligence with Fludi.

Details recognized by mercenaries during the investigation of the General Security Service of General Command of Rojava Asayîş:

Dossier of the assassination attempt of Dr. Abdul Karim Omar 8/2/2014:

The cell management and planning of the assassination of Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, the Co-chair of the Foreign Relations Authority in al-Jazeera region were overseen by both "Fludi, al-Shaiban", by detonating an explosive device in his car parked in front of his house, and "Firas Saleh Omar," suggested the name of Dr. as a target of a series of assassinations and supervised the monitoring process, "Khalil Jaddoua Genoie" while "Mohamed Abdel-Samad Ibrahim" was chosen to put the device next to Dr. Abdul Karim's car.

During the process, new members of the cell were introduced to each other.

Al-Shaiban said during his confessions that he carried out the assassination attempt on Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, the Co-chair of Foreign Relations Authority, through Firas Saleh al-Omar, a member of the cell, who suggested the method of the assassination of the gangs, informed them about Dr. Abdul Karim's home.

While "Firas" noted that he proposed the name of Dr. Abdul Karim Omar to "Fludi and al-Shaiban," at their request to carry out an assassination against the leaders of the Democratic Society Movement(TEV-DEM), where he informed them the address of his home.

Al-Shaiban said during his speech that the gangs agreed to carry out the assassination by means of an explosive device and camouflaged it with a bag of garbage and placed it on the road. "Mohamed Abdel Samad" was assigned to placing the device at the specified location.

Mohammed Abdul-Samad explained that al- Shaiban examined the target in detail and informed him of the process of placing the camouflage device in front of Dr. Abdul Karim Omar's house in the middle of the street near al-Khalij roundabout in Corniche neighborhood.

"Muhammad" during his speech that he received the explosive device from al-Shaiban and took him to his home, and the next day continue with "Khalil Jadoua" to take him by motorcycle to the location of the packaging, and after placing the package in the specified place and moved away from the place.

During his speech, Khalil Jadoua pointed out that Mohamed Abdel-Samad was in contact with him during his work. "He said that he needs his motorbike to get a job, and then he goes to Corniche Street. A black bag inside the package, and told me that you have nothing to do with the subject, we will only put the package and leave the place. "

Firas adds to his confessions that blowing the the explosive device up was assigned to him according to plan agreed upon by the cell members. He added saying "I was working at that time on a Saba taxi on the Corniche line in Qamishlo city, after the members of the cell placed the package in front of the column next to the car of Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, I pressed the button to detonate several times when the doctor came out of the house, but it did not explode.

"Mohammed Abdel-Samad” said" After one hour of the operation, “al-Shaiban" called and asked me to go and remove the package from the place, because it did not explode due to moisture because it was placed within the garbage in the bag.

"Khalil Jadoua" added to his confessions that "an hour later called al- Shaiban to Mohammed, and asked him to remove the explosive device from the specific place, where Mohammed changed his clothes wearing a cleaning worker and carrying a large bag of canvas, and then went to the place where the explosive device was put by "Mohammad" in the big bag, and we moved away from the place by motorcycle and followed a taxi. In that process, I was introduced to Firas, who asked Mohammed to catch up with him. Mohammed told me that he was a member of the cell.

"After the first attempt of the operation failed, Mohammad took the package to Firas' house and contacted Fludi to tell him the subject. Then he checked the package, and the next day I went to the operation site. He said he would put the bomb next to the column in front of Sarokhan’s car, and then left the site via a service car.

According to Firas confessions, "Two days after the first attempt, they called him in the morning, told him that the device was ready, and put it in the place where he had a walkie-talkie device. Dr. Abdel Karim came out of the building and headed for his car. However, a civil car entered between Dr. Sarokhan and the explosive device at the moment of the explosion. The driver was killed and then went to the house and put the device there. A day later, Fludi came and took the device.

File of assassination attempt of the fighter in the ranks of People Protection Units (YPG) Salim Ahmed Ali 2013

Fludi and al-Shaiban oversaw the planning and management of the assassination of an investigator working for People Protection Units (YPG), the target was proposed by Fludi and Saleh Ahmad Tamo by placing an explosive device in the target’s vehicle. The first attempt was carried out by Saleh Tamo" and "Musa Batushi" while "Fludi" and " al-Shaiban" prepared the explosive device in the house, "Fludi", while the second attempt by "Ahmed Gharib" and "Ibrahim Gharib."

"Al-Shaiban" alked about one of the assassinations that failed, and the following details of the operation on his tongue:

"Fludi and Saleh Ahmad Tamo proposed the assassination of an interrogator in People Protection Units (YPG), known as Abu Sami, because they had personal knowledge of the investigator Salim. They informed me at night of the operation and asked me to come to his house. "Saleh Tamo "knows the house of the investigator Salim, and then equipped the package in the house," Fludi ", and" al-Batushi "and" Tamo "sticking to the investigator's car, and began to patrol the streets surrounding the investigator's house to watch him as he left the house.

The next day, the interrogator hurried out of the house and al-Batushi and Tamo could not catch up with him, trying to detonate the device remotely, but they were outside the range of the device.

I suggested two other people to carry out the operation again, "Ahmed Gharib" and "Ibrahim Gharib" who are cousins, and we prepared the package again in the house "Fludi" and handed over the walkie-talkie device and the packaging to them, where they prepared it late at night at the target car, and went to Martyr Haitham Bjou Stadium in Qamishlo city to watch the car closely, among a group of young people who are practicing football.

3 - The file of the assassination attempt of the secretary of the Kurdish Leftist Party Mohammed Mousa in 2014:

Firas proposed the name of the secretary of the Kurdish Leftist- Party, Mohammad Mousa, to run the mercenary cell, at the request of the mercenary cell, to name a leader of the Kurdish parties close to Democratic Autonomous Administration. He supervised the planning and management of the operation. The attempt by "Saleh Tamo" and "Mohammed Abdul Samad", and the bombing of the explosive device was a task of "Firas".

During his confessions, al-Shaiban reported that Fludi had asked Firas to join the Kurdish Leftist Party in order to obtain information about the party's activities and Autonomous Administration.

The method of assassination was chosen by means of an attaching an explosive device in the car of the secretary of the Kurdish party "Mohammed Mousa" in front of the headquarters of the party in Munir Habib's street, and assigned "Firas" to detonate the package during the departure of "Mohammed Mousa" from there, and on that day, there was a meeting in front of the party’s headquarters, where the car came in the place where "Firas" told the elements of the cell, and as a result of the congestion, "Saleh" and "Mohammed" were not able to stick the package by car.

Firas then called them and said that there was a meeting in al-Shabab town of Qamishlo city and the car was parked there so it should be stuck to the car.

"Mohammed Abdul-Samad" pointed out that he and Saleh went to the headquarters of the party on the motorcycle, to carry out the operation, but because of the presence of women near the car could not paste the package by car.

Firas said that during the operation, he was in the party office where he received the wireless device from Abdel-Samad and Saleh, but the operation did not succeed at the party’s headquarters. He then informed Saleh Tamo and Muhammad Abdel-Samad of a meeting in al-Shabab city to complete the operation there, but the result of the heavy deployment of Asayîş forces in vicinity of the building could not stick to the car, according to "Firas" that "al-Shaiban" contacted him, and told him that it is difficult to carry out the operation there.

They tried to assassinate the head of the Executive Council of al-Jazeera region Abdul Karim Sarokhan twice, who was then the head of Defense and oversaw the management of the process, "Fludi" and "al-Shaiban, "Fludi" suggested the name of the Head of the Executive Council to the cell mercenaries, "Abdul Samad and Salah were chosen to conduct the operation through a silencer pistol.

Al-Shaiban pointed out that Fludi had proposed to the mercenary cell elements the assassination of the head of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in al-Jazeera region, Abdul Karim Sarokhan.

The operation has been planned by assassinating "Sarokhan" with a silencer gun in his home in Umm al-Fursan, on the eastern side of Qamishlo city, disguised as two citizens facing a problem and wish to ask him "Sarokahan" knocking at his door, when he went to open the door, he would be assassinated.

On the details of the operation, "Mohammed Abdul-Samad" said that " al-Shaiban" told him to carry out the assassination of the leader in Autonomous Administration after receiving details, he headed with Saleh on a motorbike towards Sarokhan's house, on the basis that they want to know the status of a prisoner of Autonomous Administration, and was "Abdel-Samad" bike riding and "Tamo" carrying the pistol, after their arrival to Umm al-Fursan, they knocked the door, where Sarokhn's wife opened the door, when asked about him, she said he did not come home a week ago.

After the failure of the first attempt, Fludi appointed Mousa al-Batushi instead of Mohammed Abdel Samad. Saleh Tammou and Musa al-Batushi attempted to execute the operation again, but were surprised by the change of Abdul Karim Sarokhan has changed location of his house.

5 – File of the assassination attempt on Judge Farouk Abu Saad 2013:

Among the operations managed and planned by Fludi and al-Shaiban was the attempted assassination of a member of the Social Justice Bureau inQamishlo city, Judge Farouk Abu Saad, using a silencer pistol carried out by Saleh Tamo, Mohammed Abdel Samad, Musa al-Batushi ", while the task of monitoring to was assigned to Mohammed Zaki al-Hamidi. "

Al-Shaiban said in his testimony that he and Muhammad Zaki al-Humaidi, nicknamed Khairu, went to the house of Judge Farouk on the grounds that there was a case for discussion. The purpose of the visit was to survey the location of the house, the number of rooms it consists of, Khairu then informed the elements of the mercenary gangs on the house located in al-Hilalia neighborhood in Qamishlo city .

During the operation, he carried a bomb while Saleh Tamo was carrying a silencer. He was driving the motorcycle with Salih Tamo to al-Hilaliya neighborhood. Musa al-Batioshi's role was to make sure that there was one

AL-Shiban talked about "The role of Musa al-Batioshi was to go to the judge's house and make sure he was at home, arguing that there was a problem he would like to discuss with him, and then he would inform Muhammad Abdul-Samad, and "Saleh Tamo", to come and carry out the assassination by a pistol silencer, but the judge was not in the house, which led to the failure of the assassination.

6 – file of the assassination of the fighter in the ranks of People Protection Units of Lukman Jolie in 2014:

Al-Shaiban spoke of the assassination of a member of the People Protection Units, Lukman Jolie. He said "Muhammad Zaki Juma al-Humaidi and Fludi Iskandar Ibrahim” proposed the assassination of Lukman Jolie, after he collected details and information about the location of the house and the type and color of the car in which  "Ahmed Gharib" and "Firas Omar" participated in the process where Fludi "and" Khiro" prepared the packaging in the house," Fludi, "and brought the two walkie-talkie devices "to carry out the operation, and" Ahmed Gharib "disguised as beggars and ride a bicycle and went to the desired location, and stick the explosive device to his car at around 3:30 am."

Firas says that al-Shaiban has assigned him the task of monitoring the member of  People Protection Units. "al-Shiban" gave him the address of Jolie's house on al-Hezam Street near an automated bakery, and asked him to watch him by going to the street where “Jolie’s” house lies under the pretext of buying bread from the bakery next to the house," Jolie "to dispel doubts about him

The next morning, Firas said that he went to the scene and parked his car near the home of Lukman Jolie, next to the automated bakery on al-Hezam Street in Qamishlo. He kept watching the target and pointed out that the goal was late to leave the house. Looking suspicious to the parents, they were forced to move away from the place and inform al-Shiaban of the matter.

While Mohammed Abdul-Samad pointed out that he went to the target’s location and remained within 150 meters from the target. As Lukman Jolie was leaving his house and riding his car, he pressed the button but it did not respond. Driving the car away, it fell in the middle of the street, and then "al-Shaiban" and "Ahmed Gharib" detonated the package, when they saw that there is no one near them.

7 – The file of the abduction of the girl whose name is Wadha Salah and blackmailing her family in May 2016:

The kidnapping of the girl, "Fatima Salah," began when Fludi proposed it to al-Shaiban, in return for large sums of money by extorting the girl's family.

Fludi" and al-Shaiban" devised carefully a plan to carry out the kidnapping, where the roles were distributed to the elements of the gangs as follows: monitoring the house "Khalil Jaddou Genoie", insurance cars "Alaa Jarbou", the implementation of the kidnapping, "Abdul Razzaq Ali" and "Dawod, "the detention of the child" Fadel Majid Oussi.”

Al-Shaiban said “After the task was assigned to "Abd al-Razzaq Ali and Abdul Hadaq Daoud” to attack the house and carry out the kidnapping, I secured a car through Alaa Jarboua, one of the cell members, but he did not know the details of the work. The task of monitoring the victim's house, and knowing the hour of the house lord's departure.

"Abd al-Haq Muhammad Maashouk Daoud" pointed out that while he was with Abdul Razzaq in the house of "Mohammed Khair", "al-Shaiban" called to "Mohammed Khair" and talked about the implementation of the abduction of the girl, and four days after the withdrawal, "Mohammed Khair."

Adul Haq said, "I went with Mahmud al-Sheiban to the house of Abdul Razzaq and sent them to a shop selling second-hand European clothes to secure waistcoat similar to the Red Crescent."

"During the confessions," al-Shaiban" said  that he brought them some relief items marked with the UNICEF sign and cans of milk and a car, and uniforms similar to the relief organizations, and then told them that the house is empty where there is no homeowner.

Al-Shaiban adds to details of the operation, saying: "We prepared the waistcoats similar to Red Crescent caps and hats, bought by" Abdel-Haq "of the market and we made some minor modifications, and we have prepared a number of baskets as baskets of relief, and then asked" Fadel" to keep the girl at home until the money is obtained for the extortion of the family, and that was confirmed by "Fadel Majid Oussi, nicknamed Abu Ryan.”

Al-Shaiban said that when the kidnapping was carried out, the child was one year old. During the implementation process, Fludi ensured if the child's father would be aware of the kidnapping, he would hit his car with"Saleh’s". Alaa brought the car to the house of “Abdul Razzaq, "and disguised as staff of relief organizations, and took the goods with them in the car to the target’s location.

Abdul-Razzaq, disguised, went to Salah's house as a member of the relief organization. We entered the building and our roads at the door of the house. Salah's wife opened the door and her daughter was with her. We told her that we are a relief organization that distributes baby milk to parents, and asked her to bring the family book to record the necessary information.

The wife went inside, and we followed her, I put the palm of my hands on her mouth, and Abdul Razzaq placed the restrictions in her hands, then put the wife in one of the rooms of the house, and we put a message at the table telling the kidnapping of the girl.

Al- Shaiban asked Alaa for a Hyundai Verna black car and another car for the operation. Al-Shaiban drove to the scene of the operation, then left the car somewhere and rode with Alaa by car, then headed for Corniche neighborhood and waited there. They replaced the car with "Abdul Razzaq" and they left the scene.

Fadel, who received a monthly salary in exchange for hiding the girl in the house, confessed that the gangs brought the girl at 11 pm on Friday to his home and gave him a sum of money. After a while, al-Shaiban asked him to shoot several pictures of the girl, she was crying, filming a picture of the girl with his foot on her stomach

Al-Shaiban said that after kidnapping, they gave the girl to Fadel. They asked the child's father for a sum of money 35,000 US dollars. At first, on instructions from Fludi, who was directing him to raise the ceiling to $ 50,000, He asked Fludi to take painful pictures of the girl in order to manipulate the father's emotions and get the required money quickly.

Mohammed Naji claimed that he did not know the reason for the abduction of the girl, despite the talk of "al-Shaiban" and "Fadel" on the subject in his home, and continued: "After a while I went to the house," Fadel "I saw a girl there and I know that there are no girls in" "I asked him who she was. He replied that she was the girl she talked about al-Shiaban.

Issam Abdel Hamid Ibrahim," said during confessions that "Fadel" contacted him and wanted to meet him on a subject, and talked about the presence of a child" al-Shaiban" had brought with him, and receives a monthly salary from "Shaiban" to stay at his home, "Issam" asked why did he accept that, he was paid a salary for that.

8 – File of the attempt to repair a cashier in Qamishlo city in August 2016:

The operation was planned and equipped at the request of Fludi to carry out a process of robbery of the cashier Fikret, one of his friends, by disguising the mercenary cell elements in the uniforms of the Asayîş forces. The persons assigned to the kidnapping and looting were "Abdul Razzaq Ali, "Khalil Jadoua Genoui" the task of monitoring in exchange for a part of the stolen in the event of the success of the operation, and the security of "Alaa Suleiman Jarbou" cars to start the process.

"As for the other operations we have carried out, the kidnapping and robbing of cashier Fikret, who owns a money changer in the market of Qamishlo city and was a friend of Fludi, he called me" Fludi, "he said. We have an easy target and know all the details of when he goes out and comes, the kidnapping of a "cashier" who has a shop in the market, in order to finance our operations after the theft of the money in his possession.

I contacted Massoud Battal, who works in Jabhit al-Nusra "Fragmentation and Subjects". We were working in a gang of operations with Ahrar al-Sham and then we joined to Jabhit al-Nusra later, and I spoke to him about it.

Then we set up a plan to carry out the operation. The cell members would disguise themselves in the uniform of the Asayîş forces. They asked Fikret to ride in a black car dedicated to carrying out the operation and oversee the process of bringing a uniform similar to that of the Asayîş forces.

He pointed out that "Shaiban" asked him to participate in the kidnapping and robbing "Fikrat" with "Abdelhak", by disguising in uniforms of Asayîş as they went out on a regular patrol, securing for them weapons, and "Shaiban" said that the cashier has money and weapons and a mobile phone, after you put him in the car take him to the cemetery of Christians between Corniche neighborhood and al-Seyahi neighborhood.

"Abdul-Hadak Dawod" adds to the confessions of "Abdul Razzaq," that "al-Shaiban" brought them uniforms similar to Asayîş forces and a black car, and explained the plan in the house of "Abdul Razzaq," and will participate in the process, a person named "Suliaman," and said " They have to stand in front of the house in the morning, and during Fakret's exit, he must be kidnapped and robbed of his possessions, but Abdel Razak proposes firing a bullet in his knee to stay at home and forget their faces.

"Abdul-Razzaq proposed firing a bullet in the knee of the cashier so he could not come to the market for a month or more, forgetting the faces of the kidnappers and stealing his money, but the operation was not carried out because the Asayîş forces arrested us.

On 11 December 2016, according to investigations carried out by the General Security Service of the Asayîş forces, the Asayîş Special Forces (HAT) raided the house of the mercenary "Fludi Iskandar Ibrahim" to arrest him, but he resisted with Kalashnikov's weapon, and a member of the special forces "Judy Ismail" was martyred.

Fludi Iskandar Ibrahim was killed during the clashes "and Asayîş forces seized in his house weapons and explosive materials, and the mercenary "Mohammed Khair Abdo Khalif" died after a heart attack during the period of his arrest.



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