Conference guests: Alive martyrs, we are proud of you, your sacrifices

The guests of the first conference of the war wounded in north and east Syria described the wounded fighters as alive martyrs, and praised their sacrifices to protect the area and its people. They also assured their pioneer role in the stage of construction and defense.

The first conference of the war wounded is being held in north and east Syria under the slogan, "We Do Not Forget Our Land's Protectors," with the participation of 143 delegates and a number of guests.

The conference's works started with holding a minute of silence, and the word of the General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Mazloum Abdi.

The conference also included speeches on behalf of the participating delegations; the speech of the administrator in the Martyrs' Families Council Delal Bedro, who said, "In this stage we are going through, the terrorism and the states supporting it used all means against us, and despite that, our struggle towards freedom continued. They always tried to break our will, but we achieved victory by virtue of our martyrs' sacrifices and our injured comrades who sacrificed the most precious for them for the sake of achieving safety."

Bedro added, "Alive martyrs among us, we are proud of you and your sacrifices. The words are scattering before your greatness, heroes."

The Deputy of the Co-chair of the Executive Council in the Autonomous Administration (AA) of North and East Syria Hamdan al-Abed delivered a speech on behalf the AA of North and East Syria, and said, "We pay a tribute of passion, fraternity and honor for our great martyrs and war wounded, the alive martyrs. We also pay tribute to the leader of the democratic nation, who laid down the foundations of the peoples' fraternity and the co-existence."

Al-Abed added, "In the name of the AA, We pay respect and appreciation for the alive martyrs."

The conference also included words on behalf of the Syrian Democratic Council, Kongra Star, the Syriac Union Party, the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) and Future Syria Party, in addition to the speech in the name of Newroz camp's residents.

The speeches praised the sacrifices of the war wounded to remove the risk from the areas of north Syria, and stressed their pioneer role in the defense and construction stage.

After the speeches ended, a five-member divan was elected to manage the works of the conference.

The conference is still ongoing with the discussion of the political and field situations in the area.


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