Concluded, sit-inners assure continuing events

The sit-in of the people of Afrin against the scheme of the Turkish occupation aimed at dividing Syria by building a wall in the vicinity of Afrin canton concluded with stressing on the protesters to continue activities demanding the removal of the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory.

Afrin residents have gone this morning to the village of Sogonaka in the area of ​​Sherawa, adjacent to the occupied village of Kimar and built in the vicinity of the separation wall by the Turkish occupation, to denounce the construction of the wall and attempts to isolate Afrin and cut it off from Syria.

The activity continued for seven hours continuously, where sit-inners chanted the slogans and demanded the exit of the Turkish occupation of Afrin, and denouncing the international silence about the violations and abuses of Turkey in Syrian territory.

The event ended with the people's insistence on continuing the activities calling for the liberation of Afrin and the escalation of the resistance in all its forms to remove the Turkish occupation from Afrin.

Residents are scheduled to organize a series of events in the coming days, including demonstrations and sit-ins to denounce the construction of the separation wall.


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