Components of Qamishlo: Resistance of peoples will destroy isolation

Thousands of people condemned the international conspiracy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan on the 21st anniversary, chanting slogans "Freedom to our Leader."


Today, thousands of residents of Qamishlo from all Kurd, Arab, Syriac and Armenian components gathered at the Intersection of Osman Sabri, located between al-Gherbi Neighborhood and al-Hilaliya neighborhoods of the city.

The Internal Security Forces, the Society Protection Forces and the Society Protection Forces-Women and the Traffic were working to protect the demonstration, while the Kurdish Red Crescent was present in anticipation of any emergency.

The demonstrators held pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, pictures of the hunger strikers and banners reading "We will Break the Regime of Imrali. We Will Defeat Fascism and Isolation. We Will Consolidate the Democratic Nation.

The demonstration ended with slogans that salute Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.



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