​​​​​​​Commune's work provides streets of Al Ahdath area with electricity

 A number of communes in Al Ahdath area, Al Shahba canton, in a  co-operative work installed light bulbs in the streets.

 Al Ahdath area in Al-Shehaba canton, is suffering from the dark at night due to the lack of light bulbs in its streets, after destroying the infrastructure in the region following the attacks of mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation on it.

One of the characteristics of the Kurdish people is that they create the elements of life wherever it is;  planting trees, flowers, vegetables, and building destroyed places.

 This is what happened in Al Shehba canton; during the Syrian crisis, clashes, wars and suffering from the attacks of the Turkish occupation mercenaries "ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, prevailed".

 Infrastructure and houses have been destroyed and the agriculture has declined.

Al Shahba features changed following tow years of the emigration; Afrin people planted hundreds trees and flowers, rebuilt the destroyed houses. 

With the coming of 2018, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries started attacking Afrin canton. People were forced to be displaced and headed to Al Shahba canton despite what happened. Afrin council provided the potentials that it could.

 A short time ago, Al Ahdath area communes have started a cooperative work with Afrin people in the area for installing light bulbs.

More than a hundred house took part in this communal work, they funded the work with about 100- 300 thousand S.L for buying the light bulbs and installing 400 lamps in the area.  

In this regard, member of the second commune in Al Ahdath area, Omer Hanan, talked to Hawar news agency, about the idea of their project. He said:" we immigrated from Afrin following the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries as well as the ISIS destruction was here."   

Omer praised the work they have done:" we established communes, built houses and helped people and distributed the amperes."

" we distributed 400 lamps , the local council provided the cable, so we could light the streets with light."

The citizen, zalakh Rashid the commune for joining efforts in implementing the lighting project.

For her part, Oria Muhamed said that they will join efforts for the liberation of their land, "we will not only stand in solidarity in this project, but we will unite our forces for the liberation of Afrin, our biggest project is the liberation of Afrin."


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