​​​​​​​Committee of intellectuals to discuss Kurdish issue

A group of 13 volunteers of Kurdish writers and intellectuals, not including any woman, announced an interim committee to prepare for a general meeting of intellectuals in Rojava, with the aim of putting forward ideas, opinions and proposals for appropriate solutions to controversial Kurdish issues.

Today, a panel of intellectuals in Rojava organized a press conference to announce an interim preparatory committee for the general meeting of intellectuals in the presence of a number of intellectuals, writers and politicians.

During the conference, the members of the Interim Committee revealed their objectives and tasks to the public through a statement read in three languages. the statement said: "Based on our moral, humanitarian and national duty and the exceptional and sensitive stage that the cities and towns of Rojava are going through; we felt that we must do our job and harness our efforts to participate effectively in providing effective solutions to the problems that are ravaging our society to prevent the dangers that are ravaging us and threatening our Kurdish existence."

The areas of northeastern Syria, particularly the Kurdish people, are being attacked by the Turkish occupation army and its proxies, with the aim of eliminating its gains made as a result of the great sacrifices. Following the recent Turkish attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria, several initiatives were launched to unite the Kurdish ranks, including the initiative of the General Command of the SDF.

Against the backdrop of this initiative, Rojava intellectuals organized a series of meetings in the Euphrates and Al Jazeera region, resulting in the formation of the preparatory committee for the general meeting of intellectuals .

Through their statement, the intellectuals invited all those involved in public affairs, including Kurdish intellectuals, academics and innovators, without exception, to attend a public meeting to discuss the dangers to the Kurdish people, the fragmentation that has increased in the reality of the Kurdish people and hate speech that promotes discrimination.

The intellectuals also pointed out that the purpose of the general meeting is to put forward ideas, opinions and steps to be taken, which pave the way for the formulation of an integrated project that simplify the difficulties, and proposes appropriate solutions to the Kurdish controversial issues with high methodology, science and transparency.

 The committee, which it says is independent, stated that it was formed from a group of Kurdish writers and intellectuals, an interim committee tasked with preparing the general meeting, consisting of 13 members.



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