Committee formed to continue meetings with Kurdish forces, parties to unify

Talal Muhammad explained that one of the tasks of the recently formed Kurdish Patriotic Unity Parties is to communicate in the name of the 25 parties with all Kurdish powers, parties and political and social organizations, and to participate in meetings aimed at the unity of the Kurdish class.

On May 19, 25 political parties and movements in Rojava formed a political umbrella aimed at uniting the Kurdish class, called the "Kurdish Patriotic Unity Parties."

Among the parties that participated in the meeting, the Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party, stated in this regard, the co-chair the party, Talal Muhammad, to our agency: "An initiative was launched by the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, with the aim of unifying the position and the Kurdish rank in Rojava Kurdistan, and unifying the Kurdish discourse in Syria. In the midst of the changes taking place in the region, and after that, several meetings took place between Kurdish forces and parties.

Talal Muhammed indicated that the umbrella formed by the political parties under the name "Kurdish Patriotic Unity Parties" will communicate with the parties, forces and organizations in the region to achieve the Kurdish national unity.

Talal Muhammad noted that the main goal at this stage is to unite the Kurdish class and discourse in Syria, and that they formed a committee consisting of 7 people whose tasks are to communicate with all parties and organizations, including the Kurdish National Council, on behalf of the twenty-five parties, for the sake of the unity of the Kurdish class, as it will represent the twenty-five parties in all meetings and events aimed at achieving national unity.

Mohamed confirmed that the committee will communicate with all parties without exception.

The committee is scheduled to start work in the coming days.



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