Coming soon ... Free medical center for cancer patients

 The Health Authority in Al-Jazeera Region is preparing to lay the foundation of the first medical center for the treatment of cancer patients (malignant tumors) in Qamishlo city, in a step that is the second of its kind after the opening of the Heart and Eye Hospital in Qamishlo, which eased the burdens of the city's people as well as al-Jazeera region in general

The center is supposed to be be opened by the Health Authority, will be the first in the north and east of Syria, and will diagnose and treat people with cancer and malignant tumors. In addition to providing services and free health care and medical for all patients, and will be equipped with modern medical devices, in order to reduce the burden of excess material expenses for patients who have to go to treatment centers outside the regions of northern and eastern Syria; such as the Syrian capital Damascus and Başûr Kurdistan for treatment.

On the reasons that led the Health Authority to open a center for the treatment of cancer and malignant tumors, the head of the Health Authority in Al-Jazeera region, Dr. Manal Mohammed that the main objective is to provide medical services to patients with cancer, and the provision of drugs necessary.

Recently, there are many patients with cancer and malignant tumors. The most common cancer among women in the regions of Al-Jazeera is breast cancer, and men have lung cancer. In this regard, Dr. Danish Haj Ibrahim, who holds a master's degree in internal diseases, hematology and oncology, who receives about 40 cancer cases in his clinic every week, cancer diseases have spread widely in the region recently, and the most likely cause of environmental pollution, and the use of machineries and cars that run on diesel fuel heavily within the city, in addition to lack of control over food containing colorants, smoking and alcohol

Dr. Danish Ibrahim drew attention to: "There are some cases of hereditary cancer patients ie that these genetic aberrations are transmitted by heredity from one generation to another."

Early detection helps cure 80 to 90%

On how to cope with the risk of cancer, Dr. Danish Haj Ibrahim said: "There is a treatment for these diseases in stages. In the case of early detection of cancer, the cure rate of 80 to 90%, but if not detected early, the cure rate is reduced.

Within 3 months the Cancer Treatment Center will enter in service

Al-Jazeera 's Health Authority is scheduled to finish processing the center for the treatment of cancer and malignant tumors within three months. Manal Mohamed explained: "The medical center will be equipped with the latest medical equipment, and will include several departments of radiography, analysis and treatment, and specializes doctors will be supervising to cure the patients' cancer." He said: "Any patient visiting the center can get medicines and drugs and doses necessary for him, and medical services will be completely free."

Dr. Danish Ibrahim stressed the need to hold training courses, lectures and awareness seminars for parents to explain the causes of cancer, and called on the concerned authorities to reduce the causes that pollute the environment, saying: "We do not know when the next person will become infected, this disease is malignant and silent and sudden, the body suddenly ravages and causes tumors."



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