Coalition forces pull out large part of its troops from Sarrin base

Hawar news agency (ANHA) correspondents reported the withdrawal of a large convoy of coalition forces from Sarrin base south of the city of Kobani, which is considered one of the largest coalition bases in northeastern Syria.

 ANHA correspondents reported that a convoy of about 120 vehicles loaded with ammunition, armored vehicles and logistics items left the base this morning.

The exit was accompanied by loud explosions at the base, some believed to have been caused by aerial bombardment by coalition aircraft, apparently to destroy some equipment inside the base.

The column that has been withdrawn from base is heading towards east through M4 international road, while no information is available on the destination.

Nor has it been confirmed that the coalition has fully withdrawn from the military base.

The base, located close to Sarrin and 30 kilometers south of Kobani, is the largest coalition base in northern Syria.

Large cargo aircraft landed at the base to provide coalition forces in the area with military and logistical equipment, in addition to the permanent presence of a large number of armored vehicles and helicopters.

The United States has said that it will redeploy its troops in areas north and east of Syria, away from the border, specifically in oil-rich areas in northeastern Syria.





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