Coalition: 151 Houthi violations of the 48-hour cease-fire

The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia revealed, at dawn on Tuesday, that the Houthi breaches to extend the cease-fire within 48 hours in Yemen amounted to 151 breaches. The breaches included hostilities and the use of light and heavy weapons.

The coalition noted the application of the utmost restraint by the rules of engagement with the right of legitimate response to self-defense cases on the fronts.

He emphasized the coalition's commitment to the cease-fire, and support the efforts of the Special Envoy to Yemen.

The coalition had announced the extension of the ceasefire for a month, starting Thursday, April 23, and this came after its previous announcement on April 08, 2020 of a two-week cease-fire.

While the Houthis have not issued any clarification so far, regarding the statement of the Arab coalition on the latest developments in Yemen.



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