Clerics: Stage requires social awareness to eliminate extremist ideology

The clerics called on all sects and religions to join hands together to eradicate IS' ideology, pointing out that the stage after the eradication of IS' mercenaries requires social awareness in order to eliminate IS' extremist thought and ideology.


As Daesh has been close to eradication geographically by virtue of SDF in north and east of Syria in their last stronghold in al-Baguz village in the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zor, the Islamic clerics see that IS' ideology is still present in the minds of some people, and it may be revived again at any time, pointing out that many of the gangs belonging to Turkey named themselves with Islamic names, but they do not belong to the Islamic religion in any connection, and that they are in fact dangerous to the Islamic religion.

The Imam Seraj al-Ahmed, the imam of Tirbê Spîyê district pointed out that since the launch of the Syrian revolution, many groups named themselves with Islamic names and put religious slogans to exploit the people and gain their sympathy such as IS' mercenaries, Jabhet al-Nusra and factions which called themselves by the names of some of the caliphs, especially the gangs belong to the Turkish occupation army.

The Imam Teqi al-Din Othman pointed out that the victories achieved today were due to the sacrifices of the Syrian Democratic Forces who refused humiliation and subjugation, and fought against these groups that claim to be religious while basically, they have nothing to do with the Islamic religion.

The Imam Teqi al-Din appealed to all sects and religions to stand side by side to eradicate IS' ideology, and said, "The Islamic religion is a religion of love and tolerance with all religions, but these groups, such as Jabhet al-Nusra and IS pretended the Islamic religion with the aim of sabotage, killing and destruction. They were passing the interests of countries such as Turkey at the expense of the Syrian people."



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